Let's conjure a win

December 11 2007 05:36PM


We've consulted the OilersNation Soothsayer™ about tonight's game. He, in turn, consulted his crystal ball. The ball displayed but one image: Shawn Horcoff skating to glory. We can only assume that this spells a win for the Oil tonight against the Blues. And, as our official Soothsayer™ failed to provide us with much in the way of, say, details about how handily we'll win tonight, we're going to roll the dice.

Tonight, the Oil will fight hard against St. Louis, and take the game in a 3-1 win.

Go Oil!

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#1 Butters4Ever
December 11 2007, 10:29PM
Trash it!

thats an amazing prediction other than the score. Huge game by horcoff, as well as penner and hemsky. Souray scores in his first game back, which is good to see.

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