We used to love the Georges

December 13 2007 02:24PM

We at OilersNation Central turn a blind eye to every second of game footage that doesn’t have “Oil, ” “Oilers” and “Edmonton Oilers” as one of the teams playing in the game. But occasionally we hear second-hand at the bottle depot that there are other teams, and other games going on. This little gem of a video shows what has become of our boy Georges after he left the Copper and Blue. Laraque goes after Biron in the 8-2 blowout vs the Flyers the other night.

Understood Georges that the game was lost, and turning into a gong show but really? Running a goalie? With the fakest trip ever? And a French goalie to boot?

Sigh. We used to think of you up here (motions to a high point) but now its more down here (motions to a lower point)

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#1 Paulie
December 14 2007, 11:55AM
Trash it!

Cheap shot. Laraque didnt leave - he was forced out by the way

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