Newsflash: The internet was broken from 10pm till about 8 minutes ago

December 28 2007 02:48PM


Hey lambs,

Ever go to relieve yourself behind a tree and an angry bee flies up your wang hole and stings you repeatedly on your tender insides?

We haven’t, but we’d imagine it is as painful as last night when we tried to log on to the Nation and post our brilliant thoughts following a dismal 2-1 loss to the Ducks. Much like the Oilers' powerplay, the Nation wasn’t working. We had our crack team of computerologists working on the problem and she's back up and running now.

We thank you for your kind thoughts during this difficult time, and can assure you that if the site goes down again the OilersNation Comuperologist Firing Squad™ will be called into action.

Bingofuel is the handsome cyborg who used to pull all the levers behind the curtains of the OilersNation. Now he podcasts and makes videos and has a real job.
#1 wingman
December 28 2007, 07:17PM
Trash it!

I broke my nose once, so I can relate

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