Columbus day? We think not.

December 31 2007 12:59PM


We've gone winless in five, lambs. It's been a rough ride. Not only that, but we lost Pitkanen to a dirty hit, and it was looking like Pisani was out (thanks Jason!) but he's listed as probably for tonight's game. So it's New Year resolution time...

  • We, the Nation, resolve to support the Mighty Oil through thick and thin. But we'd really like some, uh, thick. I think. Thick means "wins," by the way.
  • We, the Nation, resolve to join the construction crew that will build Katz's new arena. We have a hammer, some nails, and a tool belt just sitting in the shed waiting to be used.
  • We, the Nation, resolve to go back to the gym more frequently in 2008 to eliminate this bulging waistline.

The Oil are 5-5-3 this month, and Columbus is 6-5-2. Both teams have been playing equally well. Except "well" isn't the word.

Look for the Oil to take this in OT with a 3-2 score. Go Oil!

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#1 Jason
December 31 2007, 01:31PM
Trash it!

Thanks for the name-drop, guys!

Go Oil!

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