We hate Keenan, Keenan hates Crosby

December 07 2007 02:18PM


Darren Dreger has a great blog about when Flames Coach Mike Keenan met Sidney Crosby in Calgary yesterday. As much as we hate everything to do with Calgary, respect for the man who doesn’t fall all over himself to get a Crosby autograph (hear that Edmonton Media?) is certainly due.

According to Dreger:

"As Keenan was leaving the Pengrowth Saddledome prior to tonight's Flames-Penguins matchup and Game Two of Crosby's Western Canadian tour, he bumped into Sidney and his father Troy. A quick handshake and introduction wasn't enough to satisfy Keenan, who extended his hand and blurted, 'Is your name Crosby?' Crosby was seemingly caught off guard, while his father and following entourage found the brief exchange highly amusing.

Keenan promptly departed leaving Crosby in wonder as to what just happened, and likely, why?"

Ha ha ha. Only Mike Keenan would pull a move like that. Nice team by the way, Mike.

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December 07 2007, 05:54PM
Trash it!

Keenan is a tool

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