The year in review: coming soon!

January 02 2008 11:31AM


Well, for us here at the OilersNation, it's back to the grind, grind, grind that is 2008. We had some time to reflect over the holidays, shotgun a Texas mickey of Crown Royal over New Years, and now it is time to take stock of the team and of life in general. We will be posting a three-part review of the team over the next few days:

Part one: The State of the Franchise Part two: The State of the Team – Report Card Time Part three: Gut check time: What do the Oil need going forward?

So give these a read and let us know your thoughts, Nation. Happy New Year to all. Now let's get down to business.

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#1 TonyRomo
January 02 2008, 11:41AM
Trash it!

Given that Moreau has 3 points in two games are you projecting he will score 123 points next year in a full season?

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