Time to return to Old-Time Hockey

January 02 2008 04:30PM


Look at this fine gentleman: Old “Uncle Al” Hamilton. The first Captain. He knows what it is to play Oilers Hockey.

Finish your checks! Play the body! Score 12 goals in a 12-11 victory!

This is the kind of smoke we need to be throwing against the Blues tonight. He also knows what it's like to sport a superb coiffure of hair.

Grow out that top! Comb over those ears! Grow those sideburns!

I'll tell you this, Nation. The Mighty Oilers are undefeated in 2008. That’s right. Not a single loss. Don’t trouble us with your 2007 statistics. Stop living in the past people! Start living in the NOW!

The year is 2008. Sideburns are back and so is old-time Oilers hockey.

Prediction: Oilers 3 Blues 2

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#1 MrRoboto
January 03 2008, 04:13PM
Trash it!

Good call on the score.

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