Puckbunny Showdown Round 4: Mariuz Czerkawski and Izabella Scorupco

February 07 2008 07:00AM


Now, we all remember Mariusz “The Polish Prince” Czerkawski, don’t we? Traded from Boston—got 38 goals, 113 games in 1995-1997 for the Oilers? Kind of a prissy wanker who went on to play for the Islanders and is now playing in Europe? Well, that wanker landed himself Izabella Scorupco, my friends—and she was a bond girl in Golden Eye. Makes us want to grow our hair long and wear impeccable grey blazers like Mariusz up there in the pic. Wait, that sounds like a lot of work. Forget it.

We'll stick to wearing clothes that only:

  1. Advertise beer
  2. Come in a 24 pack of beer
  3. Was found at a party near some beer or
  4. Beer.

Now what were we talking about again? Was it beer?

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#1 Jason
February 07 2008, 04:43PM
Trash it!

Wow, Czerkawski really effed this one up, hey? way to go, pal! Focus less on your clothing next time, maybe.

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