This is what real Oilers fans look like

March 10 2008 09:41AM

tats.jpg (click image to enlarge)

"Now hes getting a tattoo yeah,hes getting ink done. He asks for a 13 but they drew a 31. Friends say hes trying to hard and he's not quite hip. But in his own mind des thehes the dopest S***!" Pretty Fly for a White Guy, the Offspring

Getting a tattoo is a big decision that should not be made in the spur of the moment. Anyone who's seen our Backstreet Boys 4 Life tattoo across our heart can attest to the fact that what is cool one day will not be the next. But look at these guys we're assuming they are guys who have done gone and gotten Oilers tattoos . You have to respect the guy who loves the Mighty Oil so very much that he went and got the 1986-87 Oilers lineup tattooed on his arm.

You think you're an Oilers fan? Do you have the name Reijo Ruotsalainen tattooed on your bicep? No! We bet you don t. Until you're willing to put ink to arm and have the words Mark Napier  tattooed on you that will follow you until science invents a cheaper form of tattoo removing laser you can wake up in the morning look yourself in the mirror and say Chuck Haynes of Troy, Ohio is ten times the Oilers fan that I am.

Photos found at the Hockey News

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March 10 2008, 12:00PM
Trash it!

That Gretzky tattoo looks like an Elston cartoon. The one with the cup looks like it was done in prison by someone named "C-Block"

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