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Kent Wilson
September 13 2011 12:59PM



EA Sports released their much anticipated NHL12 today. Reviews and reports of game play/mechanics have been trickling in on my twitetr feed today, some of which I have decided to share. Apparently EA has gotten quite clever with this iteration and the "Be a GM" game mode hides some rather idiosyncratic quirks and pitfalls.

Be a GM - Edmonton Oilers

- Players frequently suffer injuries. Particularly star players. Injury frequency actually increases when fighters are added to the roster.

- You have to deal with constant, annoying trade requests from every player in the organization.

- UFA offers to new players are automatically rejected.

- Baffling managerial decisions by Kevin Lowe crop up randomly and there's nothing you can do about them.

- Every game starts with the Oilers down by at least two goals.

- No Oilers goalie can maintain a SV% above .905.

- It is impossible to win a fight while playing as Zach Stortini.

Be a GM - Calgary Flames

- Automatically changes whatever GM name you input to "Ken King"

- Prospects are always returned to the minor team, even after being put on the Flames active roster.

- The playoffs end after round 1.

- Russian players cannot be traded for or signed.

- Newly signed players are automatically given a NTC.

- Consistently place 8th or below in the Western Conference, regardless of point totals.

- Players traded to Toronto automatically gain 5+ points to their overall rating. The opposite happens with any player traded from Toronto.

Be a GM - Vancouver Canucks

- Only Vancouver players have an added "diving" rating, which is automatically 90 or above.

- Roberto Loungo is automatically pulled in high-pressure or important games.

- The Sedin twins can only stand idle while being assualted after the whistle.

- "Punch" buttons during a fight become "crouch" and "turtle" if the player is Alex Burrows.

- It is impossible to win four games in the Stanley Cup finals. 

Be a GM - Toronto Maple Leafs

- Cannot trade for or sign players with "toughness" ratings below 80. Related: Colton Orr cannot be traded from the team nor scratched from the active roster.

- Only one player with an overall rating of 90 or above is allowed on the roster at any given time.

- Any Goalie acquired will automatically see his rating fall below 70.

- During season simulations, the Leafs win rate will double once they have been eliminated from the playoff race.

- Phil Kessel's rating jumps from 55-85 randomly and for weeks at a time.

- Players traded from Calgary gain 5+ points to the overall rating. The opposite happens with any player traded to Calgary.

Be a GM - Winnipeg Jets

- Dustin Byfuglien's weight increases by 2% every day of the off-season. The "pass" button automatically becomes another "shoot" button when playing as Byfuglien as well.

- For the first season, fans cheer no matter what happens on the ice. Attendance falls by 15% for every year after that, regardless of the team's success or failure on the ice.

- UFA's automatically demand 25% on top of initial offers.

- Don Wadell constantly calls with terrible trade suggestions.

- The season ends when the playoffs begin.

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#51 @Oilanderp
September 14 2011, 10:11AM
Trash it!

NYI: At random times during the season Alexei Yashin shows up to thank you for the free money. Photo ops with DiPietro in the hospital ensue.

NJD: During the draft, any player that has fallen a few spots will automatically become a great NHL player if chosen by you, but will never make the NHL if chosen by any other team. Also, any trades you make will automatically force the other team's GM to add on a pick or a useful player resulting in you always winning the trade. Cap hits for players are 1/16th of whatever they are earning.

PHX: Your team takes half the time and suffers no ill-effects of travelling on the road, since all players have their suit-case packed and ready to move at all times.

CBJ: At the end of every season a menu pops up and says Rick Nash is requesting a skilled player to play with. Your two options are x (for NO) and O (for NO). In the last year of your contract as GM the club salary must double and result in no change in the standings.

ANA: During off-season you have no choice but to sign Teemu Selanne until he is either 50 years old or drops below a point per game. Also you must sign any players that EDM does not resign.

NSH: Every game goes to a shootout and you lose the game 1-0. If any player on your team who is NOT a defenseman scores a goal they are automatically traded or not resigned. Goalies drafted always have A+ potential.

#52 semi moronic
September 16 2011, 11:33AM
Trash it!

Nice!!! I thought this was pretty good too!!


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