September 02 2011 05:27PM

Jay Feaster has my childhood haircut and the ability to talk junk. One we knew about, but the other is just pure fun. 

I couldn't make this up if I tried. In an article entitled JAY FEASTER ANSWERS QUESTIONS FROM FANS J-Fea lays down the law on Edmonton Oiler management:

“I’m sorry — Edmonton finished where last year, caller? Want to wager on where we finish relative to Edmonton this year? I’m tired of this question, I’ll tell you very honestly. I’m getting a little sour. How many teams . . . every year, for the last 10 years, five years, eight years, have finished in the bottom five, bottom seven, bottom 10? They’ve had a pick anywhere from No. 1 to No. 10 year after year after year after year, and they still wander in the desert. And they’re no closer to getting out than they were 10 years ago. You know what? I look forward to the Battle of Alberta for the next X number of years. If the idea is, ‘Burn it to the ground,’ then Ken can find another manager to do it.”

 The original article is here.

Wow! I love it! Calling out another organization as Jay Feaster has done here is unusual for any North American sport and extremely rare for the NHL. The best part for Oiler fans?

The response.

Surely the Edmonton Oilers will be quick to address weakness, whether it be in goal, the blueline or elsewhere in an effort to make JayFea eat his words? Right? I mean you've been called out by your provincial rival. Another top 5 pick next summer hardly seems worth it. Let's get to work on that goaltending, shall we? Jay Feaster has provided the inspiration, and my bet is that the Edmonton Oilers will respond with a lot of perspiration.

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#102 O.C.
September 05 2011, 11:07AM
Trash it!

Late to the party.

Short term pain, long term gain.

Unless Flames make bold moves, they are destined to experience the slow leak... with the goal to try to make the playoffs and hope for the best.

Been there.

#103 Spaceman Spiff
September 06 2011, 11:50AM
Trash it!

Although it’s pretty difficult to divine Feaster’s tone of voice in a written transcript, it’s pretty clear he’s had LOTS of questions about going the Penguins/Hawks/Oilers tear-it-down rebuild method and was feeling frustrated by it. Or maybe he’s just naturally snarky.

Whatever – his drive-by snipe on the Oilers probably need not draw too much of our attention.

The fact is, I could care less about Jay Feaster’s philosophy on team rebuilds … or the price of tea in China, for that matter.

The truth is, the goings-on of the Calgary Flames just aren’t worth the trouble. As we saw with the vandalism on the all-in-fun sign outside of McMahon Stadium, there’s just no point in engaging Calgarians in sports talk anymore. It’s tiresome.

If Feaster figures the better method is to go out and sign free agents and make big trades, then so be it. And if he makes it work, good on him. What he’s gotta realize – and I’m sure he cares not a whit about – is that the trade-and-free-agent method didn’t work in Edmonton. That’s why the teardown-and-rebuild method is in full swing in Edmonton. It was really the only play we had left in the playbook.

But if Feaster figures he make sign-and-trade work in Calgary – a city whose warts are barely distinguishable from Edmonton’s in the eyes of many NHLers – then God bless him. But surely he must realize that he can make no claims on the merits of his philosophy in the here and now. His team missed the playoffs last year.

I’m sure that Feaster realizes that rebuilding with kids through the draft is a philosophy that’s been around far longer than the current Penguins and Blackhawks have. The Islanders built through the draft. So did those strong Avalanche teams of the 1990s (thanks to the Nords’ three No. 1 picks in a row). The Red Wings’ core of the last 20 years was one developed by the draft. And, as we all know, the core group of the dynasty-era Oilers were drafted.

If Jay wishes to ignore all that, then nothing can be done for him. By opting out of that, he’s just not credible.

And that, dear Flames fans, should make you shudder.

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