This is Nathan MacKinnon, back in Halifax in the Mooseheads dressing room. The talented forward is in Ufa today, part of Team Canada at the WJ’s and adding a page to his draft resume. MacKinnon and Seth Jones are generally regarded as the top 2 players for the 2013 draft, and according to several tweets by Bob McKenzie today MacKinnon is the consensus #1.

That’s a pretty wide gap, not quite the separation Nail Yakupov enjoyed a year ago but impressive at this point in the year. MacKinnon’s role for Canada is as a role player in this tournament, and Jones is a feature player on the American team. MacKinnon’s offense is very good for his age (30, 22-30-52) and he’s much younger than Jones (342 days by my count) so there’s almost a year difference in development despite their being 2013 eligible.

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  • Craig Button on MacKinnon: Nathan has a burning desire to make a difference in the game and more times than not, he’s successful. His skating is excellent with first step quickness that is exceptional. It allows him to beat defenders and create opportunities in a flash. He has great hands and is able to manoeuvre the puck in the tight areas. His shot is quick and accurate and he doesn’t allow goalies to get a read on it. He is forceful and at times may be inclined to shoot first rather than consider passing options, but his playmaking is very good. He’s a single-minded player in his approach and his determination, along with his skill, allows him to have an impact the game and to do so at the most important times. A clear cut No. 1 centre.

I don’t see a lot of mention about his size (MacKinnon is listed as 5.11, 179) but a growth spurt could take care of any concerns in that area.


McKenzie also tweeted out the scouts top 10 (and more) among the WJ eligibles and it’s a deep and interesting list:

  1. C Nathan MacKinnon
  2. D Seth Jones
  3. C Aleksandr Barkov
  4. L Elias Lindholm
  5. L Jonathan Drouin
  6. D Rasmus Ristolainen
  7. L Valeri Nichushkin
  8. C-L Alex Wennberg
  9. C-W Jacob De La Rose
  10. D Linus Arnesson 

McKenzie also mentioned some of the kids I passed along in the tee up to the WJ’s, among them American Ryan Hartman, Slovak Marco Dano and Swiss defender Mirco Muller. The list would certainly include the  now recalled D Robert Hagg who is a ranked draft eligible for 2013.

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We talked last week about the large group of draft eligibles at this year’s WJs. The McKenzie list gives us a very good idea about the rankings and where some of these kids currently slot. It also tells us the Swedes have a bunch of kids we’re not terribly familiar with on this side of the ocean, so we should pay special attention to them.

It’s important to remember this is a list of the players who are at the WJ’s in Ufa, and does not reflect the overall list for 2013 at this time. Finally, for a team that once employed Risto Siltanen and Reijo Ruotsalainen, how can the Oilers possibly pass up on Rasmus Ristolainen?

  • Mumbai Max

    The big question is what is going to happen to the draft if there is no season. None of the possibilities seem very positive. So, let’s play 48 games and get a 10th pick. That will still be a fine pick this year.

  • 24% body fat

    On the subject of the entry level draft.

    It is my understanding that if the NHL resumes play without a CBA there will not be an entry level draft, ever. This would be the outcome of the NHLPA decertifying of taking similar action.

    Instead, players’ agents will be able to hold an auction just as Justin Schultz did earlier this year. The player will select those teams he is prepared to play for and the auction will occur.

    There won’t be a salary cap either, so teams with deep pockets and the best teams will have a competitive advantage in acquiring the best players.

    This will increase the importance of scouting amateur and professional hockey players.

  • 24% body fat

    I recall DSF swearing off Oilersnation if Sammy played on the first line at the Spengler Cup ? I am not sure if its a win or loss as the line went scoreless anyway. Either way, we have a lot of talent being show cased all over the place and you have to have a screw loose not to admit it.

    • Oilertown

      I am not one to let facts get in the way:

      “The line of Spezza, Tavares and Gagner generated plenty of scoring chances, while the combination of Seguin, Bergeron and Byron Ritchie provided Canada with its only goal.”

      • DSF

        Later hater πŸ˜‰ Too bag Gags is our 6th best player or we would really rub it in your face ….. work on your Oiler shades when your gone as we all wear them here at Oilernation!

          • Time Travelling Sean

            I use my real name and am a life long Oiler fan living in the USA and don’t hide behind BS. You on the other hand are an obvious failure hiding behind something hanging around here and bug me beyond comprehension you Oiler bashing dickhead ….

    • 24% body fat

      ya, i started this one commenting that wellwood did not make the team. I than said he would play with tavares, and he said no way.

      On a team with only centers it would make sense that a center would end up playing with his buddy that played together their who life as kids.

      • DSF

        Please spend the next three years learning how to compose a coherent sentence complete with capitalization, punctuation and spelling.

        You’re an embarrassment to our school system.

        ” who their life as kids”

        What does that mean?

        • 24% body fat

          Sorry I was just dumbing it down for you. I really don’t care about that stuff, when I am talking to a complete jackass.

          You are an embarrassment to life, and this site.

          You said there was no way Gagner was going to play wing for Tavares. You were wrong as usual, so now admit it.

          who = whole

          It was obviously a typo. For someone like you who is a master of the English language, I thought you would have been smart enough to understand what was implied. Please spend the next three years learning something about hockey.

      • Oilertown

        Yes I do recall the whole conversation. Agreed with you as well DSF had figured there was no way Gagner would even start on the second line. Ha what a joke.

  • 24% body fat

    Every TV show needs a oaf that consistently says stupid things. The Simpsons, Family Guy, etc.

    I am starting to think DSF is a character put together buy the Genius that is Wayne to bring up the site hits for Oilersnation.

  • Oilertown

    By the way DSF I seem to recall a time not so many years ago when you yourself was not the greatest poster on here for punctuation and grammer.

    It wasn’t until some of the other posters on here rode your ass so hard about it that you started cleaning it up.

  • Oilertown

    Also you get very ignorant when people call you on your crap. You told me to learn how to spell because I spelled Defense instead of spelling it Defence. There’s two ways to spell some stuff and only the most ignorant of people are gonna call someone out for something like. That just like Centre or Center even some of the bloggers on this site I have seen spell it both ways.

  • Oilertown

    Later hater πŸ™‚ pick up some Oiler goggles on your break as we all wear them here at OilersNation …. when you get back we will still have RNH, Ebs, Hallsy, Yak, Hemmer, Schultzie and of course Gags and hope you will recognize what we do with your new shades …. cheers dude!

  • Romulus' Apotheosis

    There is no need to get pissy with each other about typos, it’s just distracting… usually more so than the initial typo.

    And… there is no need to get pissy about who said what when… when it is all easily searchable info.

    DSF on Gagner at the Spengler:

    Here are the centres on the team,:





    Want to guess which line Sam plays on?

    Only two of these guys played pivot.

    top two lines:

    Bergeron-Seguin-Ritchie (sometimes Duchene)

    Gagner won’t get a sniff of the top line.

    Gagner is the 5th best centre on the team.

    One should assume that Smyth, Williams, Duchene and Seguin will likely get a better look on the wing ahead of Gagner.

    I’d wager he’ll end up as a third line winger.

    I have no idea how this giantic team is going to continue through the series, but so far DSF is way off.

    Most of these centres are playing wing. Gagner was on the Spezza-Tavares line all night and got lots of PP time there too.

    THis was obvious to all with eyes to see as Gagner and Tavares are a natural combo.


    as far as the game goes, couple of notes…

    the commentary is terrible. ten minutes in I had a better handle on who the players were than they did.

    the canadian coach isn’t playing his massive bench very deep.

    The shifts are monstrously long and on the big surface, these guys are going to get tired.

    The level of competition is solid and the hockey was entertaining.

    Seguin was a sparkplug.

    Barker somehow didn’t fall trying to skate backwards.

    ps. here’s the closest you’ll get to stats on the game that I can find.


  • Cheap Shot Charlie

    DSF, with all the haters you need some love! You do contribute to conversations and are a valuable member of the Nation. If we didn’t have you what would things look like? Was The Lord of the Flies a good book without “Piggy”? Who would watch Mr. Bean without Mr. Bean? Does Ricky not improve the trailer park? Random idiots are what makes life enjoyable! You are that enjoyable guy!!
    Some love to hate you but I love to love you :)!! *HUG*

  • Max Powers - Team HME Evans

    DSF! how dare you make a fool of yourself when i take a break from the nations! Now I’m forced to go back and read all the jargon from the last few days just to pin point exactly where you went wrong (although much thanks to Romulus).

    Sigh. I know you won’t respond to this, or any other comment made about your idiocy but i do know that you’re reading this, DSF.

    You’re hard nosed stance against the Oilers makes you look foolish more often than not, with this thread as a case-in-point.

  • cableguy - 2nd Tier Fan

    DSF wrote (may28):

    How can Tambellini be creative?

    Every team will offer the same money.

    Shultz is going to sign where he has the best chance of success.

    That’s not Edmonton.

    The Leafs highest scoring defenseman last season had 44 points.

    The Canucks highest scoring defenseman last season had 49 points.

    The Oilers highest scoring defenseman last season had 25 points.

    That’s a huge gulf.

    You’re missing the point entirely.

    Schultz is going to sign a TWO YEAR entry level contract somewhere in hopes of maximizing the value on his second contract.

    If he wanted to burn off a year with no return, he would have signed and played with Anaheim as soon as the NCAA season ended…but he didn’t.

    Instead, he will likely sign where he is likely to put up the best numbers in the NEXT TWO YEARS.

    Is that Edmonton?

    Or is it more likely the Canucks or Leafs?

    The Oilers scored 212 last season…the Leafs scored 231 and the Canucks scored 249.

    Hmmmm…this is a tough one πŸ™‚

    goes to the credibility of the witness your honour.