July 10 2013 02:07PM


While we all wait for MacT to make bolder and BOLDER and BOLDER deals we thought this might be as good a time as any to have a lil contest with our new sponsor Jerad Cox from Sterling Real Estate. It's a man cave contest and the prize is an Hall/Eberle/Nuge lithograph sent straight to said man cave.

That's mad decent.

We were recently sitting down with our first real estate advertiser in the history of the Nation Network and trying to brainstorm ideas on how to make his ad on the Nation relevent to Oilers fans. "Man we should talk about man caves" Jerad said. "In my 15 years in Edmonton Real Estate I have seen some wicked ones over the years. Oilers fans go above and beyond on this sort of thing. Its crazy"

We then laughed heartily, smashed our beer steins together in the most manly way possible and declared the contest a go. On twitter recently we got some awesome examples. To keep this from turning into a popularity contest we will withhold the identities of these early entrants. Then once we have more entries we will vote on a winner, turning it back into a popularity contest.

Man oh man. get a load of this cave. 6 visible leather theatre seats. Autographed oilers pics on the wall. Classy, yet ready for a playoff run due in 2019.

Now this wide screen shot might be a bit tricky to see but it is well worth the squint. Is that an autographed Gretzky jersey in a frame? Yes, yes it is. Is that a Yakupov sliding pic bottom right? It darn well looks like it. HOLY MAN IS THAT R2-D2 IN THE CORNER? THIS CAVE HAS A FUNCTIONING R2 UNIT AT THE READY?! 


This man cave looks to not only lead the league in framed jerseys but also in festive lighting as well. And any guy with a framed 16 on the wall is an OG fan. Mad respect.


An Oilers themed poker table with legs that look like hockey socks is a first for our eyes. We can only imagine that Oilers poker means you lose every hand but take great pride in dealing first each game. Yes Oilers, you have made us resort to jokes like this.

No pressure for next year right?*

This is what appears to be an insanely awesome beer fridge with Oilers tap handle out the front. As Oilers beer fridges go this is one of the sickest we have ever seen in fact. Well played good Sir. And the fact it seems to be next to a working filing cabinet is hilarious too for some reason.


Send us pictures of your man cave. Wait that's sexist - send us pictures of your man OR woman cave by Monday, July 15. Or hey send us pic of your bat cave too if you happen to have one**

Send em to wanyegretz at gmail dot com and we will have a vote when it's all said and done. There is an cool lithograph of the big three in it for ya courtesy of Jerad Cox. 

That's pretty dang sweet if you ask us.

*Just kidding there is mad pressure

**Members of the Wayne Family need only apply

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#51 Quicksilver ballet
July 10 2013, 06:50PM
Trash it!

If the kid can play, he can play, despite his not being 3" taller. Lets just see what we have come October.

The hard to play against Bruins did just get dusted by a less physical team like the Blackhawks in the final.

Players who can play are what's needed here. Perron fits that bill.

#52 David S
July 11 2013, 09:53AM
Trash it!

I'm going to break comment tradition here at Oilers Nation and submit a comment RELATED TO THE ARTICLE! Holy cow, how novel!


Pretty hard to beat first pic for the man cave contest. May as well throw that dude the prize and be done with it.

Also, classic single-guy move to put Christmas lights in your basement. CLAAAAASSIC!

OK. Back to endless trade talk over-analysis...

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