Dean Blundell gets his show cancelled

Jonathan Willis
January 06 2014 12:07PM

Dean Blundell, the Toronto-based shock jock who has made a living by being a terrible human being on-air, had his show cancelled on Monday. Edmonton Oilers fans will remember Blundell as the guy who found the death of prospect Kristians Pelss so funny last summer.


With Pelss missing and feared dead, most people with a soul would have been concerned for his family and friends and dismayed at the prospect of a 20-year-old dying for no good reason.

Blundell sensed a comedic opportunity.

How much must it suck playing hockey when you… ‘I’m not going back.’ You’d rather jump off a bridge in like a war-torn country into a freezing cold river than go back to Edmonton… I’ve been to Edmonton, I know what that guy’s talking about.

Blundell ultimately apologized for his joke in a ‘whoa, I thought he was kidding so is this really my fault’ manner after initially defending his remarks and ridiculing the reaction of those who felt he had gone too far.

Robin Brownlee wrote a nice piece here at the time. Blundell’s comments were inexcusable and should have had him fired then.


The Toronto Star has the details. In a nutshell, Blundell and company found great merriment in the sexual assault of three men. Because after all, who doesn’t enjoy gay-bashing and it’s a great chance to make a prison shower joke.

So he finds himself out of work. It’s been a long time coming.

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#51 G-Unit
January 07 2014, 01:29PM
Trash it!
A-Mc wrote:

I'll likely have the minority opinion here.. but i think he should be free to say what he wants.

His gig isn't my thing, and probably isnt many of yours, but who am i to say what he can or can't say.

If his show was cancelled because of low ratings - fine. But if his show was cancelled because of jokes in bad taste.. I dont agree with it.

Freedom of speech has 2 ends of the spectrum. You have to take the good with the bad, because with out 1, there is no other

Freedom of speech gives you the right to speak like a complete moron, but it gives your employer the right to tie a can to your ass if they don't like what you are saying.

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