It’s been a very tough week for the Edmonton Oilers, and the schedule offers little hope for relief. A team bleeding wins and faced with another lost season is very likely to change the verbal as soon as possible. That verbal may come in the form of a trade.

david perron capture

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At the beginning of the weekend, David Perron made news by stating a few home truths (some of which are summed up in the tweet by Mr. Dave Gordon above). That kind of thing is unusual for an Oilers player, although mild and I believe incidental to the tweet by Darren Dreger of TSN earlier today:

dreger perron

A top center could mean anything, but it seems to me if Craig MacTavish is giving up a nice player like David Perron we can expect a youngster who has experience and is capable of contributing now and into the future.


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    perron vollman

    The Vollman sledgehammer shows Perron getting soft minutes (and good possession results) but he isn’t scoring at even strength. Why?


    perron wowy

    Perron’s playing well but not scoring at even strength. His most common centermen are Mark Arcobello and Leon Draisaitl, and that’s part of the problem with this roster. The Oilers have two actual centers, but are loaded with wingers—even with Benoit Pouliot out for several weeks.

    And that’s why Dreger’s tweet makes sense.

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    I don’t know, but would think teams will not part with a Sean Couturier or Nazem Kadri at this time of year. I’d love to talk about Islanders’ centermen but they’re solid, playing well and unlikely to deal when the good times are rolling.


    1. Brayden Schenn. He’s in rumors a lot, so where there’s smoke maybe there’s fire.
    2. Brandon Sutter. Again, we’ve heard his name connected to Edmonton in the past.
    3. Patrik Berglund. Less likely, but maybe the Blues have sellers remorse on Perron.

    What do you think? If they’re dealing Perron, what would you want in return?

      • Serious Gord


        I’m sure lots of people have said this, but it feels like we need more … not less DP’s on this team. His points have been lagging … but someone who isn’t afraid to get greesy in front of the net, play with an edge, and be critical of his team.

        Sad 🙁 I’m a SK kid … but it probably makes more sense to part with someone like Ebs, or Yak (if we got a great return).

      • Serious Gord

        The team itself looks disinterested in applying what ever system/systems Eakins and coaches are trying to implement . When they do they fail anyways . Some do some don’t , but that’s an never ending story with our club by the looks of it . They are just not good at it as a team , and it shows in results as they cannot play that way over a 60 minute game ,as they get frustrated and make mistakes that cost us many games . The coaches are certainly lack in getting the most out of our players . They are regressing again this year once again . Problems seem netted far beyond the players unfortunately – simply not getting the most out of them . Looks like poor results have sucked the vitality and life out of the club , enough so that we lose most games .

        We have enough problems with a flawed lineup to begin with , and talent is rather slim in a lot of areas .

      • bazmagoo

        For all those calling on season ticket holders to simply not go to games………..it wont work. I am sorry this is Edmonton and it’s the only show in town for a city that sees 6 months of cold dark winter. Firstly, if I simply don’t go to games I throw away $10,000.00 How many of you would sign up to do this? I have stuck this misery out for 8 years and I am pissed off but sitting at home only works if everybody does it. Secondly, if I just give up my tickets there are 2,500 more people behind me who will take them. Great so I grab my pitchfork and run for the hills and in two or three years the Oilers actually turn things around and are playing in a nice new arena and I am out in the cold? Where does that get me?

        There are other way to get attention and we can all have a share:

        1. We could have people picketing with K Lowe signs in front of the Oilers office. 20 people in front of the offices and a little media attention can go a long way.

        2. We could get 20 or 30 people from this site at a game and get a fire Lowe chant going. Once it gets going it will be too embarrassing for the organization. Hell we could all have fire lowe shirts on and walk down into a section and have 30 people wearing fire Lowe shirts in a row just standing there refusing to move. We will get tossed out but we will make a statement.

        3. We could start wearing paper bags over our heads. If it catches on it will get media attention

        4. We could all pitch in and take out a Fire Lowe Billboard.

        You got better ideas? Great, then post them and lets get to work. But just saying “stop going to games” is not going to work. Remember the gas boycotts? They don’t work because you can’t get that many people organized. I know this, this organization does not like to be embarrassed and the jersey tossing really gets them mad……and it gets attention.

        We simply need to turn up the heat in as many ways as possible and embarrass this organization to the point where they have to take action.

      • bazmagoo

        Last comment until MacTavish and Lowe are fired, but I think it might be a good reference point. Thank god Perron asked for a trade, I have him in my pool! Nothing will ever change until Lowe and MacT are fired, I can’t believe how sad it is that these two studs (back in the day) have DESTROYED the Oilers brand.

        We are pitied throughout the league, not even laughed at, pitied. Wow the brand is completely RUINED. God bless you Gretzky, Messier, Coffey, Fuhr, Anderson, Kurri, but your memories will fade into obscurity sooner than they should because of Craig MacTavish and Kevin Lowe. Be mindful of that.

      • bazmagoo

        What would life be like if we had drafted Lindy Ruff back in 1979 instead of Kevin Lowe. Guarantee he wasn’t a difference maker during the cup runs, just in the right place at the right time.

      • bazmagoo

        This “core” of the Oilers doesn’t have even a remote chance of being successful. I like all of the players but in order for us to really change, one or two will have to be moved. Maybe Eberle would be my first choice.

      • bazmagoo

        To play devil’s advocate (and I think this may be the case) Perron said publicly management sucks, every GM knows the Oilers get rid of everyone who says it and other teams jumped the gun to get on the phones to pick the carcass, hence the ridiculous ask in return.

        On the otherside of things, I know MacT never played with the helmet, but if his brain suffered enough damage to call around and think Perron is worth a top line Center, he should get in on some concussion lawsuits.

        Kevin Lowe and Eakins should have been fired yesterday, and if the team doesn’t improve (it was the coach and not the players), MacT goes at the end of the year too.

      • Derzie

        If you are over 18 and give the Oil any money, you get what you pay for. Nothing will ever change. The reaction from Oil this morning? Trade the “interloper” Perron because he spoke out for a player that is 2 lines above him (i.e. snowball’s chance in hell). Like North Korea without the violence.

      • Guy Lafleur

        Why is Yak not getting played on the second line?

        It makes no sense to me. They need to get him going. Why not throw him out there with Arco and Hall.

        Then leave Perron on the top line with RNH and Ebs.

        I am beginning to believe Eakins has it in for Yak.

        • Joy S. Lee

          Whether it is to Eakins’ creadit or not, Yak seems to be playing a much more complete and consistent game now. Not nearly enough ice time though. I don’t know if Eakins “has it in for him,” it’s possible he believes he has more offensive opportunities playing on a 3rd line.

      • AlleyDalley

        Funny that Gregor wrote two excellent pieces on the culture of losing and the team not being united. He was dead on in is assessment.

        And who is supposedly on the trading block? The one guy who looks unaffected by the losing mentality, the one guy who still plays like the front of the jersey means something.

        Yes, you sometimes have to sacrifice and give up a great piece to get value in return… but it is also important to recognize who is key in turning the corner.

        You trade away a guy who seems like he is still willing to go to battle every night- and then what? What kind of an environment is your new player walking in to?

        This one trade wouldn’t be what takes the Oilers from where they are now to a team that is competitive every single night. Why not hold on to someone who can be counted on to give a crap?

      • bornphilthy

        why perron is a trade option i have no idea. Eberle is all but no competition this season. Maybe it’s time that the players stand up to this awful management team. Perron is a clutch player, and makes the right plays when he has to step up and do so; this is the kind of player you want to be a role model to your young developing players. God this team is so depressing…but hey, we got a Goalie coach with no NHL experience so..thats a thing, right?!

      • Joy S. Lee

        IMO Perron is the single most consistent forward we have… strongest on the puck, best at generating cycles, plays with fire and aggression, not to mention has the best dangles. Watching him play I keep hoping some of it rubs off on the other young Oilers. Trade speculation re: Perron is very sad, he’s one of the last guys I would want to see go. Now that he’s struggling he’s not going to fetch much in return even when he’s traded anyway, it’s just another lose/lose situation for Oil. I hope they keep Perron FFS… do something right.