There are two things most hockey fans agree on: Connor McDavid is a generational talent and the Edmonton Oilers shouldn’t be awarded another No. 1 overall pick. In the NHL, ‘fair’ doesn’t exist.


Connor McDavid is so far beyond good the dictionary trembles to find the words. Consider his numbers in the OHL compared to recent No. 1 overall picks from the CHL in their draft seasons.

  1. Connor McDavid OHL 18GP, 16-35-51 (2.83 points-per-game)
  2. Taylor Hall OHL 57GP, 40-66-106 (1.86 points-per-game)
  3. John Tavares OHL 56GP, 58-46-104 (1.86 points-per-game)
  4. Steven Stamkos OHL 61GP, 58-47-105 (1.72 points-per-game)
  5. Nathan MacKinnon QMJHL 44GP, 32-43-75 (1.70 points-per-game)
  6. Nail Yakupov OHL 42GP, 31-38-69 (1.64 points-per-game)
  7. Ryan Nugent-Hopkins WHL 69GP, 31-75-106 (1.54 points-per-game)

That’s a breathtaking gap between McDavid and Hall. It’s incredible really. McDavid is so far ahead of the very best junior kids available going back several years it is to laugh. Amazing.

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Your next question is probably ‘but how does he compare to Sidney Crosby in his draft year?

  1. Connor McDavid OHL 18GP, 16-35-51 (2.83 points-per-game)
  2. Sidney Crosby QMJHL 62GP, 66-102-168 (2.71 points-per-game)

Wow. It’s early, and Crosby did it over an entire season, but this is insane offense and the OHL is a great league! The numbers suggest Connor McDavid is a franchise-changer.


  • Ryan Kennedy, The Hockey News: “The boy genius. One scout told me he has the best hockey IQ he’s ever
    seen, others are saying he’s better than Crosby at the same age. An
    offensive juggernaut who makes insane plays at high speeds.” Source
  • Mike Morreale,
    “The injury in no way should or will change anyone’s opinion of this
    world class talent. I remember a conversation I had with Windsor
    Spitfires forward Joshua Ho Sang last spring before he was chosen late
    in the first round by the New York Islanders. I asked Ho Sang about his
    time spent with McDavid with the Toronto Marlboros minor midget AAA team
    in 2011-12. Ho Sang told me that everyone knows how gifted a player he
    is but no one ever seems to talk about his work ethic. Ho Sang said
    McDavid didn’t drop onto the Earth with all this talent, he truly worked
    at it. Ho Sang said he’s known McDavid since the age of 9 and feels his
    work ethic is what has gotten him this far and will take him to even
    greater heights in the future.” Source
  • David Gregory, Central Scouting: “McDavid never takes a shift off, and to be honest I believe may be
    the one to beat in the 2015 draft,” Central Scouting’s David Gregory
    said. “He’s stealth-like in finding open areas on the ice without the
    puck; he creates space for himself. He’s gotten even better at that and
    he’s continued to get stronger. I really believe he’s going to dominate
    this year.” Source 
  • ISS Scouting Director Dennis MacInnins: “Having the chance to scout Sidney Crosby at the
    same age, McDavid is even more impressive, true superstar potential.” Source 

crosby v mcdavid


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I very much doubt the Edmonton Oilers are looking forward to securing the No. 1 overall selection. They have moved heaven and earth to turn north and nothing rhymes. In an extra bit of cruelty, the team finally has good possession numbers but their goaltending, coverage and power play have cratered.

It is impossible to even entertain thoughts of Connor McDavid as an Oiler.

And yet, we are here.

  • Wax Man Riley

    I’m sure that u less Dew Doughty is coming the other way, nobody in the top 5 trades their 1st round pick until MAYBE draft day when it’s know exactly what that pick is.

    I don’t see anyone in the top 10 trading that pick, Maybe even top 14 until draft day

  • Never give up hope!!

    Look I know this sounds bad, but if he really is the next Crosby, I have no problem with one more year riddled with losses. He so mind bogglingly good that I can suffer one more time, but in saying that, I doubt it would be that last time. On another note, why the hell do they keep sending Marincin down? He has consistently played better than Nikitin in my opinion.

  • Wax Man Riley

    Sad part is the oil may not see McDavid with the draft changes even if they finish 29th or 30th. Now that would be grinding salt in oil fans wounds!!

  • How far back does one have to go to see a player have points that high in their draft year?

    1984. 31 years since a CHL prospect has put up pts that high in their draft year. 38 years since an OHL prospect has done that in their draft year.

    No guesses needed to figure out who those two players were.

  • I can’t believe it’s not even December and we’re talking about Connor McDavid.


    Fantastic hockey player. Even if the Oilers continue to be awful, there’s still going to be a less-than-fifty percent chance the Oilers get him, so no point getting too worked up about him in particular. All I will say is that McDavid, and possibly Eichel as well, is good enough to make up for an entire lost season.

    And yes, they are part of a miniscule group of hockey players that are so good, that they can make a team better at 18 years of age.

    But the meantime is going to be wretched, especially given that the “best” you can hope for is to finish dead last so that you get one of McDavid or Eichel.


  • I am Christopher, a 6ft1 and 180 lbs 25 year old, My eyes are green, have sandy brown hair, and am currently working in sales. Love sporty fellas, hockey, American football, read alot and am a bottom looking for an agressive top.

  • If we get McDavid like I’m hoping for (since the season is a bust already) they should trade yak. Having mcdavid hall nuge eberle and driasitil in the top six would be insane. I wouldn’t know how they keep all those players under contract. And with a top 6 like that go find veteran wingers and guys that have been to the playoffs and know how to work for it. Just imagine what a jarimor jagr would do with our young core. He would be the Adam Oates from 04 or whenever that was.

    • Never give up hope!!

      The real kicker is , it matters not if its
      McDavid, Eichel, or Scmikle, the Oilers would still find a way to frig things up.

      I don’t think that going into training camp this year, that the Oilers game plan was to suck and get a NO. 1/2 draft pick.

      The results are what they are, because the Twits building this team are lost at sea.

      Its been stated hundreds and hundreds of times here, that these same Twits can not be left to
      go into rebuild 4.5 .6. ?

  • Congo Powerarm

    I absolutely hope that we do not win the draft lottery and I’m a fan of the team. Why? The guys running the show do not deserve to have their bacon saved by the next Crosby falling in their laps… they simply do not deserve to be given any credit or enjoy any sense of satisfaction if and when this team does start winning games. And secondly, I just don’t think this player will help us that much, the problems with the team are management’s decision making, drafting, player development, free agent procurement, lack of accountability, culture and coaching to a lesser extent.

  • Congo Powerarm

    On another note, there’s been talk about the immense value the first overall will posses which is true, a savvy GM holding that pick who already has an abundance of skill forwards could likely move back to spot 2, 3 or 4, still pick up a very high level prospect and a couple of solid roster additions maybe even impact players in the process.

  • Congo Powerarm

    Well you can count me in the group of people that believe the lottery draft is rigged. I dont see any way whatsoever on gods green earth that McDavid will be allowed to come here. Never in a million years.

    • The Last Big Bear

      The draft lottery is run by a third party accounting firm (I believe Price Waterhouse) who would be committing fraud if they rigged it. Not that accounting firms haven’t committed fraud before, but the NHL is arms length, and it gets audited by a third party. So, ya. Basically it’s impossible to rig.

  • Congo Powerarm

    And I also echo the statements that this organization would somehow find a way to ruin this kid. They would find a way to play him 8 minutes a game and scratch him every third game. This team is pathetic.

  • Serious Gorg

    It would be an damn embarrassment if we fluke out & get McDavid. Rewarded for incompetence for the better part of a decade?
    Where young careers go to die.
    I hope he goes Lindros & refuses to wear the blue & orange.

    • SSB1963

      Quebec (Avs) did pretty well by Lindros refusing to play for them. 10 years of league dominance, multiple Stanley Cups etc. The least of our worries should be if Connor wants to play here or not.

      If the goal is to get CMD or JE tanking makes sense. But if its CMD or bust, the draft structure is just too prohibitive to make it worth tanking a season. If you get 30th you have an 80% of NOT getting CMD. If you get 29th, you have an 86% of NOT getting CMD, and it goes down to single digit odds quick with not a lot of difference between 27th and 20th.

      If you value JE equal, then you NEED to get 30th, because overwhelming odds are you’ll get bumped down from 29th.

      This is why tanking on purpose for 1 specific player is stupid.


    I very much doubt the Edmonton Oilers are looking forward to securing the No. 1 overall selection. They have moved heaven and earth to turn north and nothing rhymes. In an extra bit of cruelty, the team finally has good possession numbers but their goaltending, coverage and power play have cratered. 

    It is impossible to even entertain thoughts of Connor McDavid as an Oiler. 

    And yet, we are here.”

    Sounds like a cunning pharmaceutical billionaires’ sick business plan to me. No compete, just hide in the shadows and take what you want.

    Still doesn’t beat 25 guys working their tails off for whatever team he plays against.

    Team game. Bottom line.

  • To an Oilers fan it is fair that management is let go if we draft McDavid. I’d respect the franchise if they did that. If they just draft McDavid and stay with what we got running this gong show than that’s a huge slap to the face to the fans of hockey, not just the fans of this team.

  • Spoils

    any non-playoff team can theoretically win the draft lottery. worst has a 20% chance, 14th worst has a 1% chance.

    here’s hoping we turn things around AND win the lottery.

    how about this for center depth in a few years:


    now pretend this is going to happen and go about the rest of your day.