Eakins fired ***UPDATED***

The Oilers have fired Dallas Eakins. Craig MacTavish will take over as head coach. He will be the only head coach/GM in the league.

I understand why they let Eakins go, his record was 36-63-14. They gave up too many goals and didn’t score enough, but the Oilers have many other issues. 

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Craig MacTavish will speak to the media at 11:45. You can listen live on TSN 1260. He will announce that Todd Nelson will be coming up as an assistant coach. Unsure of what that means for current assistants. I don’t see the need to have four assistant coaches.

What are you thoughts on this move?


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  • Czar

    Buchy is back!


    Kelly Buchberger will join OKC coaching staff on an interim basis as Oilers organizational shuffle continues.
    3:12 PM – 15 Dec 2014

    Well, so much for the kids being well developed on the farm.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    I must admit, I thought from everything MacT had said that he was going to stick by Eakins a lot longer, but I guess we’re just witnessing the ongoing education of MacT.

    April 2013 – MacT says that coaching changes are part of the problem, so he is going to put an end to the revolving door of coaches

    June 2013 – MacT realizes why he got pushed out the door; GMs like to have a coach whom they hired in place

    December 2014 – MacT realizes why Quinn got fired; fans and bosses want someone to go down for a really bad season and since you can’t fire 23 players, the choices are basically the GM or the coach

    June 2016 (probably) – MacT realizes why Renney got fired, because even teams that are expected to suck have some expectations on them . . .

  • I applaude edmonton oiler fans for their patience as I myself grew up there and have always been one. But….. Mac.T has been passively procrastinating with us his whole term. Its time for the fans to demand action from the ownership and try to find staff that are not with the organization for a free ride because they belong to an ol boys club that Pocklington ripped apart years ago. Time to take out the last of our baggage and start from scratch like our rival Flames… who have a better w/l then us.

  • Oiler Fan 16

    Eakins is a bad coach. Each and every player on the team is worse than before he arrived or is a disaster in their development. Hall might be the only player who has progressed at a decent pace.

    Lowe and MacT are the reason they are a bad team, but Eakins had to go regardless.

  • BubbaZanetti

    As an observer of this train wreck known as the Oilers, there are a number of things that puzzle me (like why Kevin still has a job). However the biggest question that I have at this time is how does Mctavish get to look and sound like the savior when he was the guy who HIRED Eakins (while firing a great teaching coach and communicator) This is what passes for accountability in Oiler land??? REALLY? There is no mystery here about how this organization has become the laughing stock of the league.

  • Spaceman Spiff

    Quite often when the Head Coach is “retired”in the season an Assistant takes over for the remainder. It may not be known to the Oiler Management about the existence of Craig Ramsay! He was brought in to improve the experience factor for the coaching staff. Craig Ramsay is still an Assistant. Maybe today,he just did not want to be the Head Coach? Maybe this Craig had seen enough?