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For several months now, a conversation involving Sam Reinhart often ends up with the young man being compared to Ryan Nugent-Hopkins. Is that accurate?

gregor reinhart

Sam Reinhart's scouting report does in fact include a lot of things we read about the Nuge. Cerebral, creative, sublime passer. One area that Reinhart gets nicked is skating, although RNH also got that criticism from some early on.

If they are similar players, they should have similar numbers, right?


Reinhard boxcars

They're actually a really nice match by the boxcars -- this could be two seasons by the same player. They're a match.


reinhart evens

HUGE difference at even strength for each player. We know from the earlier look at Reinhart, Bennett and Draisaitl there's not that big a gap between those three players, so the Nuge number appears to be the curio. In the NHL so far, Nuge has scored 59% of his NHL points at evens (Taylor Hall 71% by comparison), but in RNH's final junior season it represented only 44%. 

Reinhart scored 60% of his points this season at even strength.


reinhard power play

56% of the Nuge's points in his draft year came on the power play, compared to Reinhart's 38%. That's a significant difference. Nuge's Red Deer team scored 80PP goals, 7 shorthanded goals and 181 at even strength. Reinhart's team scored 62PP goals, 5 shorthanded goals and 168 at even strength. 

RNH was part of 74% of the Rebels PP scoring, 64.5%, so much of the difference appears to have come in team success. All of this is interesting, but without TOI totals I'm not sure how much we can say with authority. It does seem clear based on the splits that the Nuge is a more effective power-play center and Reinhart scored more at even strength. It COULD imply that Reinhart is in fact a better offensive player. I'm not certain we can state that as a fact.


They're pretty much the same, their WHL pages say they were both 6.0, and Nuge's 173 pounds trails Reinhart by 10 pounds. I'm not sure if these are absolutely accurate but it's worth noting.


glass door

Reading the situation incorrectly can make a man look like an idiot. We don't know the TOI for either player—at even strength or on the power play—and the differences in their scoring totals may not reflect actual ability. I do recall the Rebels rolling four lines at evens during Nuge's final season in Red Deer. That could explain what we're looking at here.

Having said that, it's a very curious item. It makes sense that you'd like an even-strength scorer over a power-play specialist, and that would favor Reinhart in this case.

Sam Reinhart is an interesting prospect. 

pronman reinhart

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#101 John Kirsch-Brooklyn
April 03 2014, 08:04PM
Trash it!
Stack Pad Save wrote:

What issue do you have with RNH? He is in his 3rd year, he is only 20 years old. He is showing progression in all aspects of his game. Getzlaf wasn't dominating the NHL until he was 22 years old. Datsyk was 28 when he started dominating the NHL. Yzerman was 21 when he started to dominate the NHL. Joe Sackic didn't have a year until he was positive +/- until he was 22. Joe Thornton was 24 when he got his first 100 point season.

Give the Nuge another couple of years before you right him off. He is showing growth in multiple aspects of his game, give him another year to put it all together and see if it happens by the time he is 22. 2 years still left until he should be a dominate force in the NHL.

The problem the Oilers have and fans as well, is that they expect that a bunch of teenagers should be dominating the NHL, that just doesn't happen.

More like stagnation- where is the growth.

His overall stats are down from when he was @18 how is that growth?

Here are his stats:

The problem is with guys like you that accept a player like this. Even mentioning him in the same breath with Yzerman et al. is a joke (who btw had 39 goals @19, albeit in a different era. Yzerman achieved those stats with believe it or not a crappier team than our current '14 Oilers.

Getzlaf is/never was "dominate" either was, Crosby is the only dominate player in today's game. Getzlaf is physically dominating...Thornton, again not dominate (See Crosby) an elite player yes a beast yes, but alas Hopkins does not fit that mold.

Bottom line is that Hopkins is a 20-25 goal scorer, he will never dominate- he is a #2 center. Never mind my concerns about his compete level and lack thereof.

Proper expectations need to be set, Hopkins is a good player no more no less. All the players you mentioned above are not dominate, Gretzky, Lemieux, and Crosby are the only truly dominate players of the modern era.

#102 Darn it!
April 03 2014, 09:33PM
Trash it!

If you mean another Nuge as in skinny, scared and skilled, then no, Reinharts better then that.

#103 John Kirsch
April 04 2014, 03:40PM
Trash it!
Darn it! wrote:

If you mean another Nuge as in skinny, scared and skilled, then no, Reinharts better then that.

You are correct, sucks but that is the truth. Oil fans who don't see that "can't handle the truth" {Jack Nicholson voice}.

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