Oilers waive Lander

After being waived on October 10th and clearing, Lander stuck with the Oilers. Now, he is back on the wire. 

Last night’s 4-2 loss against the LA Kings also marked the first time that Lander was a healthy scratch this year. Jesse Puljujarvi, who was a healthy scratch for Tuesday’s game against Anaheim, drew into the lineup.

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Lander has scored three points in 16 games this season, which matches his production from last season when he played in 61 games.

He has been a subject of controversy during his time in Edmonton. The slow developing center lit it up in the American Hockey League producing at a .79 PPG pace over 136 games. This point production had never quite translated over to the NHL, where Lander has put up .16 PPG pace in 209 NHL games.

The Swedish centerman leads all Oilers in faceoff win percentage, winning 57% of his draws this season.

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Two different takes here, but it appears one of, or both Hendricks and Caggiula will return to the lineup. 

The latest from Laing:

    • Jason Gregor

      Hendricks skated hard the past few days. McLellan said yesterday it looked like Hendricks could return in Dallas on Saturday.

      They can’t activate Hendricks until Lander clears or is claimed, which will be 10 am tomorrow.

      But expect #23 to be activated and don’t be surprised if Drake Caggiula is activated soon as well. And Brandon Davidson is shooting to be ready later this week, and Kris Russell is also very close.

    • oiler_head

      That’s got to be the only real reason, right? I have always been a supporter of the blue collar guy and Lander is definitely that.

      After a dismal season last year and a crappy preseason, I thought he had made the best of an opportunity and re-established himself as a depth player who’s value is in the dot and the PK.

      I hope he clears and comes back later in the season.

      • oilerjed

        I believe it came down to Anton or Tyler. Lander still can’t score and Pitlick is.
        Puljujarvi could have been a candidate as well but we are tight on RW.

  • percy

    Its about time. While their at it bring in JK to center lucic and dri. package up nuge and ebs in a trade for a good 2way center. Time to get rid of the loweaki virus for good.

  • Spoils

    They were the better team for more of the game yesterday. Soft goaltending, another 5 alarm giveaway (on the PP), nothing out of ebs or lucic…

    If the team gets out of the gates cleaner (right after the 2nd kings goal, the oilers started to click and owned the kings all the way back to 2-2. Then they get a PP! And they give up a shortie on a soft play at the point.

    But then McDavid starts to fly and sets up Lucic twice. Storybook – Lucic scores back in LA to tie it up… or not.

    The Oilers will get better. Nurse will get better, Klefbom will get better, McDavid Draisaitl and Jesse Puljajarvi will get better…

    god I hope it is soon.

  • tkfisher

    This will not be well liked, but if fans aren’t careful they are going to start turning players, and free agents away from Edmonton.

    At first, no one wanted to play in Edmonton because we were a terrible, cancerous organization who lost all the time.

    The team is better, but i feel like the fan base is becoming more and more bitter, and angry over everything, as a by product of the decade of darkness. Hope has become a memory and habitual venom spews forth on the regular and literal play hating is becoming an epidemic. People will run Eberle out of town like they rail roaded Hall and his character. Then RNH will be the goat. People are already destroying Lucic on the regular after only 18 games.

    This sort of thing gets around the league and pretty soon player who have a choice will choose somewhere else to play, where their life/family/character are not constantly under siege. If this negative hate mongering on the part of the rabid fans continues to grow, I could see it becoming every bit as damaging to us winning as a the Tambo GM era.

  • 24% body fat

    Wow, waived when Slep could just be sent down.

    It looks like they are done with him unless he is over PPG in AHL.

    Cagullia likely does as rehabilitation stint in AHL, than Slep will go to AHL than.

    Benning to minors and Gryba to the bench when the D come back.

  • Gravis82

    um what? We finally developed a player. Great 4th liner, wins facoffs, great on the PK. Young and cheap.

    Waive him.

    Maybe we should be trading Hendriks. Hes great, but only so many years left there.

    The oil are obviously going all in this year…but this is not the year to do it. Not quite yet. I hope he clears.

  • bazmagoo

    I know Lander isn’t an all star, but I can’t understand why we’d be taking the risk he’s claimed when Slepyshev can be sent down risk free. I guess that’s why I don’t get paid the big bucks, what do I know?

    Slepyshev’s one goal this year must have earned him a place in the top 9. #becauseoilers

  • Big Jacks Meat

    The Lander Experiment needs to be over once and for all. The Farm is not deep but enough is enough, Good guy , hope someone picks him up honestly.

    I also have to comment on the Captaincy. Connor looks frustrated and with the C on his chest combined with this losing streak the Kid is feeling pressure. That and the non calls on him. Time for Lucic and oh yeah , Eberle to take some pressure off Connor,You can see it in his face.

  • IRONman

    Hockey is points based.

    I like Yak too.

    But winning is winning.

    The penguins had new coach and won the cup

    Our pp is horrible. With 97,93,29 we should be at least 20%

    PC. Do it. Just do it

      • IRONman

        I don’t like the coaching staff.

        SJ failed with tons of talent and now the Oil

        Proof is in the pudding. !!!

        PP is junk. Just junk

        Need changes now. Or same old same old

        97 deserves better. Kid is all heart.

        • Oilerchild77

          The PP was one of the best in the NHL for the entire time MacLellan and Woodcroft were there. If they are so bad, how did that happen?

          Let’s se… Oh I know, their names were Dan Boyle and Brent Burns. Two excellent RHDs who could score and QB the PP as good as anyone in the NHL. And that is exactly what the Oilers don’t have.

          A coaching staff is really only as good as its players and the Oilers just aren’t there yet.

  • TKB2677

    Getting Hendricks back will be a very welcome addition to the Oilers. They desperately need some kind of energy on that bench and the ice. Hendricks should be fired up. Plus he’s an upgrade over Lander. Other than win faceoffs, Lander does nothing. He can’t even skate that well.

  • positivebrontefan

    Aaaaaand we’re back!
    I haven’t seen a comment section on a blog this sad since Calgary’s at the beginning of the season…
    Stop it, it wasn’t going to be that easy…

    • Amen… The knives are out!

      I feel ok knowing that the Oilers are not as bad as their record indicates over their last ten. I also know they are not as good as they were in their first 9 or 10. It’s crazy the Jekyll and Hyde nature of this team, but when the roster stabilizes and chemistry begins to form more consistently, I think we’ll get a good idea of where this team is at.

      The problem is even after 20 games, nobody will really know what the team is made of, because they can’t play on a consistent level. They have shown they can hang in there with the best, but they’ve also shown that they play down to opponents and will have stretches in games with extreme stupidity and loose play.

      I’m not calling for anyone’s head yet… But I’ve been generally disappointed in the lack of team effort, and the play of certain individuals. Also the coaching staff must shoulder some of the blame for things like not getting the team up to play in first periods, and our garbage power play.

    • bazmagoo

      They’ll send Gryba down as he needs to clear waivers and has experience. Benning will be kept because he doesn’t need minutes/experience in the AHL and doesn’t need to clear waivers. #becauseoilers

  • nuge2drai

    Lander will get picked up by the wings and have a good career as a 4th liner.

    Ebs for Kane.

    Ebs++ for Hamonic

    Ebs for 2nd rounder.

    Id be good with anything for him at this point.


      that trade doesn’t mean that trading a forward for D is no good, that trade means that the GM was an idiot that day. I still like larsson but I don’t like the trade

    • madjam

      Are you implying Hall carried Hopkins , Draisaitl and Eberle all those years , and that’s why all are failing this year to produce like they did with him ?