RIP to the Decade of Darkness

Oilersnation is finally able to say goodbye to the decade of darkness and initiate #MISSION17. Welcome to a new era, Nation.

My friends, we’ve waited a long time for this moment. We’ve been through hell and now we’re finally reaping the rewards from all that pain and suffering. What a strange trip it’s been to this point, and the journey has only just begun. #RIPDOD

  • Dwayne Roloson 35

    Ive never bought merch from ON but I needed to buy the RIP DOD shirt as soon as the oil clinched. It’s been a depressing 10 years and I want everyone to know about it.

  • Danoilerfanincalgary

    I one fan who is glad the DOD is over, it was mighty tiring watching playoff hockey year after year without having a team to actually cheer for. I don’t think a rebuild has any validity much rather see a competant GM retool or draft wisely as their team ages or needs fresh blood. Nice to have a team we are proud of again, I never threw the remote in disgust even once this season. By the way the few bad fans who are trolling on other nations blogs makes us all look bad and it is stupid and childish so stop. We could only hope their is a BOA this playoff and if your not old enough to remember they are something to behold so stop the hatred and relish the competition it is the best hockey you will ever see.

  • Space Pants

    I’ve only recently discovered it, but Death Note started airing on YTV in 2007. I totally love the show after randomly coming across it the Edmonton Public Library just recently, and have heard there’s some sh!te remake on Netflix right now. All 37 episodes are on Youtube and I highly recommend it to any and everybody. There are also live action movies of it at EPL that I highly recommend since it is all free. I also read all the Game of Thrones books in this decade of darkness and obviously recommend those too. The board game is better than the books.

    Anyway back to the Oilers, I think I have the bagged ones feelings when I don’t even know how to feel. I am so old that it is like playoffs for the very first time EVER!

    Sorry for the EPL plugs, but they do awesome work, and it is ALL FREE. Check it out!

  • GK1980

    Games on the CBC and Bob Coles familiar voice. Gonna be Awsome! The only thing missing is the original CBC Intro song TSN poached. Love that song! Always give me goosebumps in 2006 before every hockey game.

  • madjam

    Mission cantankerous – Lucic, Maroon and Kassian providing three different lines with space to operate , and limit opposition physically trying to manhandle our team like in the past . That is an unsung major reason we are where we are today .

  • Anton CP

    The lowest point of the DoD was during the period with MacT & Eakins are in charge, all the worst could happen happened.

    Think the DoD can be break down into a few eras:

    1) Sudden collapse: Start off with Pronger asked for a trade, followed by contract issues with most of main players, and failed to fill the hole of depleted roster. It lead to the first dark era.

    2) First dark age: With a few high picks that teams attempted to run with a few young forwards and they ultimately unable to live up to unreasonably high expectations and eventually led to the firing of MacT from coaching.

    3) First attempt to rebuild: With a new hiring of GM that Lowe ascended to a made up position POHO. With the new first overall pick in Hall and recently graduated from junior Eberle that the team has a new focus and a new hope. Team started to look hopeful during shortened lockout season.

    4) Second dark age (the darkest time during DoD): Start with a surprised return of MacT but as a GM and the “bold move” announcement, followed with hiring of Eakins that the team and every worst possible things can happen, happened.

    5) The second attempt of rebuild: New GM, new coach, and the best possible luck ended up with the best player possible. This will the the beginning of a new golden age and also mark the end of DoD.

  • Markeejay

    Wow, it’s been a long time. I live in the UK and only see the games a day later, earlier in the year Talbot was stealing most of the games and there wer lots of defensive giveaways. Last few games the D as a group looks much better and my oh my Connor is playing wonderfully. Forget the pain, let’s enjoy the ride (even at 4,221 miles away) Go Oil! (Ps I asked for some free stickers…they never arrived!!)