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Woman Threatens to Haunt Rogers Place if Oilers Don’t Win

The sad news about this story is that Oilers fan, Loretta Workun, has passed away. The bright side of this story is that her obituary that went up in today’s Edmonton Journal was amazing

The 85-year old Edmonton woman passed away on May 30th and, according to her tribute that was printed in the Journal this morning, she left a posthumous warning for the Edmonton Oilers. If they don’t find a way to win, Loretta Workun could be spending some time haunting Rogers Place.

Check out the full obituary below:

Loretta Workun Feb 6, 1932 – May 30, 2017 It is with Great sadness that we announce the passing of our kick ass sporty Mom. She was grumpy and fiery till the end. Somehow she was survived by 2 fat kids and one grumpy old kid. In passing she joins her Husband and son both of whom she can now tell again to “go soak your heads!” No service but she warns the Oilers that they better win next year because she’s not above haunting Rogers Place.

I guess, having the Oilers lose to the Anaheim Ducks in the second round left room for improvement as far as Mrs. Workun was concerned. Win or lose, Loretta’s obituary certainly leads me to believe that she was a woman that would have fit in well with the Nation. This is the kind of sense of humour that you can’t make up, and I certainly appreciated her doing her part to bring this team back to glory, even if that means haunting the arena.

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Loretta Workun – We speak your name.