Real Life Podcast Episode 31 – Tom Gilbert

The first half of the show this week was a bit off because this week’s guest got his wires crossed and Tom Gilbert didn’t join up until the second half.

To stall for time, Wanye tried a bit where he pretended to be Tom Gilbert, but quickly realized that Gilbert was on the show so that Strudwick could seek an apology for what he called “putting the final nail in the coffin of his NHL career.”

Apparently, there was a game at Madison Square Garden a few years back where a certain defensive pairing put a blistering -5 up on the board and one of the defensemen involved feel his career never recovered. Wanye as Tom Gilbert would never apologize for ruining Strudwick’s career and the whole thing fell to pieces.

The conversation then swung over to the challenges off the ice that can impact a player’s performance on the ice. Strudwick discussed challenges he was having in starting a family and its impact on his game at the time. We talked about Gregor’s article from long ago detailing their challenges and discussed this moving story of adoption with author Mitch Abloom.

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When the real Tom Gilbert arrived in the second half of the show the mood swung back to hilarity and competitive Sudoku racing became the hot topic among others.

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