Good Goaltending: Targeting Net Talent in Edmonton

Cat Silverman
May 09 2016 09:00AM


What's up, OilersNation family? It's emergency call-up goaltender Cat here with some goaltender takes for you to digest on this fine Monday morning. 

Let's talk acquisitions. 

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GDB 51.0 Wrap Up: McJesus

Cat Silverman
February 02 2016 10:09PM

Hey guys, it's emergency backup goalie Cat with your post-game recap! 


This is me right now. I'm celebrating things. So are you, most likely. 

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GDB 20.0 Wrap Up: Devilishly Good Oilers

Cat Silverman
November 20 2015 09:49PM

Hey guys! Emergency recall goalie and game recapper Cat Silverman here again. 

The Edmonton Oilers took on the New Jersey Devils at home at Rexall on Friday night - which should have been a battle of the bad, but the Devils have been surprisingly resilient this year. They've looked even more dominant than the Arizona Coyotes (who sit third in the Pacific Division), and they came into the game boasting a 10-7-1 record. 

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Eetu Laurikainen's Departure For Finland Isn't a Bad Thing

Cat Silverman
November 16 2015 06:39PM

Finnish netminder Eetu Laurikainen had one hell of a season for the Espoo Blues last season, so I was pretty excited to see him ink a deal within the Edmonton system last year. I won't lie, I totally hopped on board that hype train. 

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GDB 12.0 Wrap Up: Dr. Drai

Cat Silverman
October 31 2015 11:02PM

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Heyoooooooo, Alberta!

It's Cat Silverman here, reporting as your emergency call-up game day recapper. I'm taking time out of my Halloween here to give you expert(ish) analysis on the Battle of Alberta tonight, since our lovely friends over at Oilers Nation are busy making sure that the streets of Edmonton are filled with giant Eberle faces. Glad to be back!

Since the first Battle of Alberta was a barn-burner in Calgary (and by barn-burner, I mean Edmonton burned down Calgary's barn by making absolute fools out of the host club), it's only fitting that their second meeting of the season was just as.... uh, fun.

Edmonton went down nice and early, then stormed back. Then they went down again, then they came back, then... 

Yeah, the Oilers lost. 

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