How Are The Oilers Doing in the World Cup Prelims So Far?

Chris the Intern
September 13 2016 02:00PM

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We are a few days into the World Cup of Hockey preliminary rounds, and I though that now is the perfect time for a look at the Oilers that are playing in the tournament. These first few games have without a doubt made me even more excited for the real tournament to get started on Saturday! 

There are four Edmonton Oilers taking part in the tournament; Connor McDavid and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins play for team North America, and Leon Draisaitl and Andrej Sekera play for Europe. In the preliminary round, each team was matched up with another to play back-to-back games, followed by a third game against another team. It just so happened that our own boys faced off against each other for two games in a row, with Team North America winning both games. 

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Edmonton Oilers Prospect Pyramid

Chris the Intern
September 07 2016 11:07AM

If you didn't see the video, LeafsNation vlogger and Sportsnet super personality Steve Dangle got fed up with prospect rankings, and decided to create his own method to rank prospects by using the Prospect Pyramid. I thought it was an interesting way of ranking prospects, as evaluating players who have never played an NHL game before can be difficult and subjective. 

The Prospect Pyramid groups players together in tiers. Players who share similar skill sets and potential are grouped together on the pyramid, and are separated from players who are not comparable. It is a platform that someone could look at and understand who they should pay attention to in the system and who they shouldn't. I wanted to do something similar, so here is my modified version of the Edmonton Oilers Prospect Pyramid. 

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Milan Lucic's Greatest Plays From The 2015-16 Season

Chris the Intern
August 30 2016 04:45PM

We are 43 days away from the start of the 2016-17 NHL season. With the World Cup around the corner also, I'd say we are out of the bored, summer-phase and into the excited, anxious-phase of the summer. As if the thought of Connor McDavid going into his second NHL season with the chance of being captain isn't exciting enough, I thought we could get EVEN MORE excited by taking a look at some of Milan Lucic's best plays from last year. 

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Speaking Of... Team North America

Chris the Intern
August 23 2016 02:10PM


Photo Credit: Dan Hamilton/USA TODAY SPORTS

Connor McDavid will get to practice being captain for an NHL caliber team, when he leads Team North America to a World Cup Championship with the "C" on his chest. There, I said it. 

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Get Ready for a Whole New Level of Advanced Stats

Chris the Intern
August 18 2016 03:30PM

Gary Bettman and the NHL held a press conference early Wednesday morning to discuss the World Cup Of Hockey. In this press conference they talked about ads on jerseys, digitally enhanced dasher boards for more ads (and more money), and other miscellaneous hockey talk. Most importantly, Bettman announced that puck and player tracking will be tested during the World Cup of Hockey tournament. 

The NHL tried this experiment once before during the 2015-16 All-Star Game, however, it sounds like they've made some adjustments and are taking another swing at it. Sportvision, the same company that does play tracking for the NFL, MLB, Olympics, etc are currently leading the charge. If this new technology can be perfected, it will be a huge step forward for hockey analytics.

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