Oilers Part Ways With Analytics Guru, Tyler Dellow

Chris the Intern
July 21 2016 03:30PM

Mark Spector was the first to break the news this morning that the Oilers have not renewed the contract of their stats man, Tyler Dellow. If you count me retweeting his tweet, I was the second to break the news. 

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Speaking of... The Best and Worst NHL Jerseys

Chris the Intern
July 19 2016 02:59PM

A heated debate erupted at Nation HQ yesterday afternoon when Baggedmilk commented on how bad the Nashville Predators home jersey looked. I disagreed (I think he's crazy), and, personally, really like the gold/navy/yellow combination. Anyways, this turned into a long-winded conversation about how bad some jerseys in the NHL currently look, and how bad some have looked in the past. 

Now, I want to turn the debate over to you fine citizens. Through the power of this beautiful poll, I am curious about what the Nation feels is the best and worst looking jersey in the NHL.

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The NHL Isn't Fun

Chris the Intern
July 12 2016 03:30PM


Don't get me wrong, the NHL is the best pro-sports league in the world for the best game in the world. Nothing compares to the speed, intensity, and action that hockey provides to its fans. However, with that said I do think that we can all agree on one thing, the NHL isn't any fun when you compare it to other sports. In fact, I'm here to show how the NHL goes out of its way to make the league lame and boring.   

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5 Ways To Get Over The Taylor Hall Trade

Chris the Intern
July 05 2016 02:15PM

It's been just under a week since the most devastating Oiler trade since Ryan Smyth. How are you guys doing? Judging by comments on the website and on Twitter I can tell some people are still upset, some people are coming around, and some people have always been okay with what went down. Thankfully, I'm not here to talk about how bad the trade was, I'm here to help those that are still feeling slighted as a result of the trade. I'm here to cure your sorrows, and make you smile. Here are five ways to get over the Taylor Hall trade.

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Welcome to the PoolParty

Chris the Intern
June 29 2016 07:00AM


When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. When Columbus doesn't draft Jesse Puljujarvi, and a potential second overall falls to fourth, YOU GET UP ON THAT STAGE AND YOU DRAFT LIKE YOU'VE NEVER DRAFTED BEFORE! Do we send Columbus a thank you letter? Bah... forget it.

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