The North x NorthGretz Podcast - Bum Corn

North By NorthGretz
May 16 2016 02:00PM

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This week the boys talk about the Drake Caggiula and Patrick Russell signings, no more Travis Hamonic, Chris Jinks Ben Bishop, and the boys gush over the legend of Ethan Bear. 

Then NxNGretz welcomes a very special guest: Graphic Designer JoAnne! JoAnne talks about her adventures in urban foraging before giving her hot take on what the Oilers should do come draft day, before we all learn about life, love and laughter in another edition of Ask The Idiots!

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North By NorthGretz Podcast - Wasp Attack!

North By NorthGretz
May 09 2016 03:00PM


This week the boys recap the Nation draft lottery party, try to figure out why Oiler fans refuse to trade the first round pick, and play a game of 20 questions with Chris The Intern before being ATTACKED BY A WASP during another illuminating round of Ask The Idiots! 

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The North x NorthGretz Podcast - Chris' Very Own Episode

North By NorthGretz
May 02 2016 12:19PM


This week Chris The Intern takes over the podcast, and welcomes his guests Jeanshorts and Baggedmilk! They talk about their busted playoff brackets, compete to see who is the best play by play man and answer all of life's mysteries in a round of Ask The Idiots! Why not kill some company time and listen to this week's edition of the North x NorthGretz podcast?

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The North x NorthGretz Podcast - Do You Know the Mullet Man?

North By NorthGretz
April 25 2016 03:40PM

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This week the boys mourn the death of Prince, talk Chris into growing out a mullet, review their terrible playoff brackets, and more before another highly educational round of Ask The Idiots!

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The North x NorthGretz Podcast - The Intern Games

North By NorthGretz
April 18 2016 04:33PM

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This week North By Northgretz welcomes Marcel Eden from the Summit Sports Collectibles Show. Marcel tells us all the cool things you’re going to find when you come visit us at the Summit Show April 23rd and 24th and the charity work the show is doing with Adaptabilities!

Next the boys go through their playoff brackets before answering questions about Kiss, The Hunger games and more in Ask The Idiots! 

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