Keeping up with the Joneses: World Junior Preview

Kyla Lane
December 24 2016 07:00AM


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For years, Oilers fans have had the pleasure of spiking their morning coffees with Baileys or dodging drunk Uncle Robert at family gatherings and settling in for a sneak peak of the Oilers’ future. The 2017 tournament will be a quiet one on the Oilers prospect front as Team Canada hopefuls Ethan Bear and Tyler Benson were left off the roster. The one Oilers fans will have their eyes on instead, is defenseman Caleb Jones of Team USA.

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What the NWHL Salary Cuts Mean for Women in Hockey

Kyla Lane
November 20 2016 09:00AM


If you Google the NWHL, its Wikipedia page comes up with (2015 - ) beside its name. If you Google the NHL, there’s no date beside it. This could mean absolutely nothing, but considering Friday’s events regarding the NWHL, it seems to be an eery reminder that the National Women’s Hockey League seemingly has an expiry date attached to it. While I realize this topic lacks the Oilers, I also think that the downfall of the first professional women’s hockey league that promised to pay its players is a topic that all hockey fans should be concerned about.

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Thank You, Hockey

Kyla Lane
September 18 2016 07:00AM


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Hockey was my first love and will forever be my greatest love (my apologies, future husband). Sometimes you don’t realize just how important something is to you until it’s threatened to be taken away. After two torn ACLs, a torn MCL, and, as of this week, a torn LCL, it’s been suggested to me that I re-evaluate my involvement with the game and possibly retire from my position as a goalie. Since us beer leaguers have longer MRI wait times than broken Oilers, I can’t help but reflect on the significance that hockey has had on my life. Since I have to choose between pushing my return to the game or being able to walk when I’m 50, I decided to go with a love letter to hockey in the mean time.

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Top 10 Tuesday: Best Canadian Oilers Players

Kyla Lane
July 05 2016 06:25PM


Canadian hockey fans wave a flag and display a banner. Mandatory Credit: Tom Szczerbowski-USA TODAY Sports

In honour of our great Nation's 149th birthday, we're counting down the top ten Oilers players who have red and white flowing through their veins. Throughout the franchise's history, Oilers fans have had the privilege of watching many of the greats sporting the copper and blue as well as spending time with Team Canada. In today's Top 10 Tuesday we look at the best Canadian players to ever wear an Oilers jersey.  

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Top 10 Tuesday: Oilers Draft Busts

Kyla Lane
June 28 2016 04:45PM

Last Friday night marked a draft that saw the Oilers win a little piece of the lottery without having the lottery balls actually drop in their favour. Columbus shocked everyone by taking Pierre-Luc Dubois with their third overall pick, leaving Jesse Puljujarvi (A.K.A Pool Party) to fall into the Oilers' lap. Amazing! While there's no way of knowing who the next Oilers draft bust will be, in this week's Top 10 Tuesday I plan on killing your Pool Party vibe by reminding you of the ten worst Oilers draft busts over the years. 

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