Top 10 Tuesday: Oilers Draft Busts

Kyla Lane
June 28 2016 04:45PM

Last Friday night marked a draft that saw the Oilers win a little piece of the lottery without having the lottery balls actually drop in their favour. Columbus shocked everyone by taking Pierre-Luc Dubois with their third overall pick, leaving Jesse Puljujarvi (A.K.A Pool Party) to fall into the Oilers' lap. Amazing! While there's no way of knowing who the next Oilers draft bust will be, in this week's Top 10 Tuesday I plan on killing your Pool Party vibe by reminding you of the ten worst Oilers draft busts over the years. 

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Top 10 Tuesday: Worst 2015/16 Oilers Moments

Kyla Lane
June 21 2016 11:43AM


In last week's Top 10 Tuesday we looked at the positives from the season that was and this week we'll talk about the not so admirable Oilers moments of the past season. I think we put up with enough negativity by simply having to watch the Oilers try to play hockey, but I’m going to attempt to spin these moments into a positive light to save your eyes from forks and livers from more alcohol...

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Top 10 Tuesday: Best 2016/15 Oilers Moments

Kyla Lane
June 14 2016 02:30PM

Introducing TOP TEN TUESDAY!

Now that the 2015/16 NHL season has officially wrapped up (with Jultz hoisting the Holy Grail high above his head), it seems like a swell time to discuss the highlights from the 2015/16 Oilers season. Today, we start a new tradition with the first ever Top 10 Tuesday! This week's countdown is dedicated to the best moments from the past season, which is a nice change from the memories that would cause most of us to jab a fork into our eye than look back on (keep those forks handy because I’ll be reminding you of those memories in next week’s edition of Top 10 Tuesday).

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You’re not so bad after all, Taylor Hall

Kyla Lane
May 25 2016 09:00AM

How to make the Nation hate you 101: admit that you’re not a fan of Taylor Hall.

It’s not because he didn’t sleep with me after a night out at the Ranch or because he snubbed me on a high five once — these events never actually took place, BTW — but it is because I find him to be reckless, unfortunately efficient at generating turnovers, and a festering pit of bad attitude. That being said, there’s no denying that he’s a talented guy, which brings me to my point: You're not so bad, Taylor. 

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