Matt Henderson
February 17 2017 04:15PM

On any top 10 team in the NHL (and that’s what the Oilers are) there are stars and there are role players. There are over and underrated players. For a team like Edmonton that hasn’t impressed anyone with a playoff showing in a decade, a lot of skaters have been underrated. Ask fans from other teams around the league about trade values and you’ll see that many don’t even recognize Draisaitl is all but untouchable. That’s just the nature of life. Sometimes your value isn’t recognized for what it should be.

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The Window

Matt Henderson
January 27 2017 06:00PM

It hasn’t happened since I was six and a half years old. The Oilers are leading their division (or tied for the lead) going into the All-Star break. The last time that happened was when I was in the first grade. You can say, fairly, that no time in my life as a conscious fan of the team have the Edmonton Oilers been this good, this late into the year.

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Trading Brandon Davidson

Matt Henderson
January 22 2017 08:00AM

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Brandon Davidson is a great story. He’s also a pretty damned good young defender. He’s been one of the best defensemen developed by the Oilers using their farm system since Jeff Petry and he’s grown into a verifiable NHL player. He’s determined, a fighter in the best sense of the word, more skilled than we all probably gave him credit for, and he might be able to grow into a top 4 role. That’s exactly why the Oilers should trade him right now.

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The Same But Different

Matt Henderson
January 10 2017 08:00AM

Yesterday the Oilers sent Jesse Puljujarvi down to the AHL, finally owned up the fact that he wasn’t quite ready for the NHL even though they cleared a spot for him and sheltered him as much as possible. But we’ve seen this a lot from the Oilers. It’s basically the exact same thing that they did with Leon Draisaitl and he turned out fine, great even! So what’s the big deal?

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Adding A Player Before Expansion

Matt Henderson
December 28 2016 11:41AM


New Year’s Eve is around the corner and one resolution for the Edmonton Oilers might just be to do everything in their power to become a playoff team. Good news, this team is in position already to that (crazy, I know). So the next step is to be more than a team that just makes it in and is happy to be there. This team should resolve itself to add another impactful player.

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