The Case Against Kris Russell Part 2

Matt Henderson
December 03 2016 10:00AM

As we discussed yesterday, Kris Russell is dragging down almost every player on the team when they share the same ice as him. This is why it’s alarming, for me, to see and hear people like Drew Remenda, Jack Michaels, and most recently Jim Matheson praise Russell so profusely and in some cases openly discuss signing him to an extension. The Edmonton Oilers, in any sane and rational world, should be figuring out how to move Russell away from the team.

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The Case Against Kris Russell Part 1

Matt Henderson
December 02 2016 02:30PM

Alright. I’ve been overly damned cheery for weeks on this site. I think it’s a pretty much non-stop stream of happiness since the season began, but it’s becoming increasingly clear that the Oilers are on the verge of doing something incredibly unadvisable: Extending Kris Russell. It makes so little sense for so many reasons, and yet here we are. Let’s have a conversation about this.

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Benning Drawing Some Attention (And Blood)

Matt Henderson
November 24 2016 12:39PM

Of all the off-season acquisitions that Peter Chiarelli made this summer, I didn’t pay much mind to Matthew Benning. I figured he would be AHL bound and a call-up option down the road when injury was bound to strike. I did not give him the credit he was due.

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Pouliot's Struggles

Matt Henderson
November 20 2016 02:00PM

Benoit Pouliot took a seat last night as the Oilers looked to different men to spark the team and get back into the Win column. Pouliot has been a divisive player during his time in Edmonton, and really over his entire career. He’s known both for his 5v5 offense and for his innate ability to get penalized in the offensive zone, but what’s going on with him this year?

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Ground To Dust

Matt Henderson
November 11 2016 05:17PM

The strength of the Oilers forward corps is the three scoring line concept that has seen McDavid, Nugent-Hopkins, and Draisaitl featured on their own offensive units. Now with Lucic assigned to Draisaitl’s wing, the offense is more spread out than ever. However, there is also a considerable amount of pressure placed on Edmonton’s fourth line. Are they handling their duties well enough?

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