Puljujarvi Gifted A Spot?

Matt Henderson
October 09 2016 02:15PM

Why doesn't his helmet fit?

It’s clear with the team's recent transactions that the Oilers are determined to never again gift a player NHL minutes before he earns them. No more entitled freeloaders who don’t belong. No more allowing draft position to determine roster spots…unless it’s Jesse Puljujarvi. Then that’s exactly what might happen.

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A Few Words

Matt Henderson
October 08 2016 09:52AM

Shovels down. The deed finally over, we look around with mild amounts of shame in our eyes. The deafening silence only serves to build the tension. Somebody has to say something but everyone’s gaze is crawling the ground. Fine. I guess someone should say something. It’s the least he deserved.

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A Morally Superior Lineup

Matt Henderson
October 04 2016 11:17AM

Nuns Hockey

There’s a very strange thing happening with the Oilers and the way we talk about the forward lines. I must admit, I don’t like it. There is a certain morality that is being applied to the topic that has no place existing. Its only purpose is to close the mind and, in Edmonton, it’s taken hold.

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Last Night's Good, Bad, and Ugly

Matt Henderson
September 29 2016 12:11PM


The Oilers might have lost the game against the Canucks last night, but this wasn’t really about wins or losses. This game was about seeing where Reinhart and Caggiula stood, and it was about the Lucic – McDavid – Eberle combination. Those were really the three focal points of the match for the Oilers. Let’s start with the good before we move on to the bad and the ugly.

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Is Caggiula More Than A Placeholder?

Matt Henderson
September 27 2016 02:42PM

The way I see it, he has three games to make his case. Tops. After three more preseason games (at the most) Leon Draisaitl will return to the Oiler lineup, done with his duties on Team Europe in the World Cup of Hockey. By then, if Drake Caggiula hasn’t shown head coach Todd McLellan that he can be an effective player down the middle then he’ll probably have to wait for injuries to strike before the chance opens up again.

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