Last Night's Good, Bad, and Ugly

Matt Henderson
September 29 2016 12:11PM


The Oilers might have lost the game against the Canucks last night, but this wasn’t really about wins or losses. This game was about seeing where Reinhart and Caggiula stood, and it was about the Lucic – McDavid – Eberle combination. Those were really the three focal points of the match for the Oilers. Let’s start with the good before we move on to the bad and the ugly.

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Is Caggiula More Than A Placeholder?

Matt Henderson
September 27 2016 02:42PM

The way I see it, he has three games to make his case. Tops. After three more preseason games (at the most) Leon Draisaitl will return to the Oiler lineup, done with his duties on Team Europe in the World Cup of Hockey. By then, if Drake Caggiula hasn’t shown head coach Todd McLellan that he can be an effective player down the middle then he’ll probably have to wait for injuries to strike before the chance opens up again.

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Jacob Trouba: Go For It

Matt Henderson
September 25 2016 09:59AM

We’ve had the night to consider the possibility that the Oilers should pursue Jacob Trouba and like most people, when I woke up it still sounded like a good idea. Here is a collection of my thoughts on the matter.

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Puljujarvi Ready To Ruin Plans

Matt Henderson
September 22 2016 12:36PM

Sometimes a perfectly good plan gets ruined by an unexpected surprise. The weather changes and the picnic gets ruined. Grandma decides now is the perfect time to make an unannounced visit. A Philadelphia Flyers player jumps on Connor McDavid’s back. That kind of stuff.

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Expecting Connor

Matt Henderson
September 05 2016 09:00AM

It’s rather unfair to be labelled the next big thing. The weight of expectation could crush someone not mentally strong enough. Connor McDavid’s NHL career has been highly anticipated since he was 11 years old and his debut only disappointed because we were robbed of a full season by a Flyers defense whose only means of stopping the child prodigy was jumping on his back and driving his shoulder into the boards. While voters played mental gymnastics finding ways to say he wasn’t worthy of the Calder trophy, what’s clear to those who watched was that he was already well past the rookie conversation. Now we’re left wondering how many in the league McDavid isn’t already better than.

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