Is This It?

Matt Henderson
July 17 2016 07:00AM

Every day that passes without the Oilers adding an offensive defender to their group makes it feel like this club is done making significant changes to the blueline. This thought scares me. One of the great failings of the Edmonton Oilers a year ago was a definitive lack of offense from the blueline.

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Lucic Isn't Replacing Hall

Matt Henderson
July 06 2016 01:30PM

The Oilers committed to a new look, a different feel to their roster when they traded Hall for Larsson then stepped up to acquire Lucic. However, it’s not as simple as one LW out and another LW in to his spot. Milan Lucic isn’t going to be replacing Taylor Hall in this lineup. At least, not based on what we’ve heard so far.

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What Happened and What's Next

Matt Henderson
July 02 2016 01:00PM


It has been a furious couple of days, OilerNation. So much has happened that we’ve barely been able to delve into it, but we have to press forward. The Oilers roster, as different as it is, still is not complete. There’s at least one player missing on the blue line and it looks like there’s only one way to get him.

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Hall AND Lucic

Matt Henderson
June 29 2016 11:00AM

With Lucic-mania sweeping the city, we are left wondering what the Oilers will do with their forwards now. If the team needed to move one of the $6 million dollar men before the club was linked to Lucic, then what does it have to do in the event they sign him on July 1st?

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Thank You, Columbus

Matt Henderson
June 25 2016 03:13PM

There’s reason to believe that plans were likely changed at the last minute for the Oilers at the 2016 Draft. They weren’t supposed to be drafting in the top 3. In fact, the NHL’s new lottery rules made Edmonton the first team to drop more than a single place in the draft order. They should have been drafting 4th. Well, technically they did, except Columbus excused themselves from using their top 3 pick to select a top 3 player. Win, Edmonton.

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