Hall AND Lucic

Matt Henderson
June 29 2016 11:00AM

With Lucic-mania sweeping the city, we are left wondering what the Oilers will do with their forwards now. If the team needed to move one of the $6 million dollar men before the club was linked to Lucic, then what does it have to do in the event they sign him on July 1st?

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Thank You, Columbus

Matt Henderson
June 25 2016 03:13PM

There’s reason to believe that plans were likely changed at the last minute for the Oilers at the 2016 Draft. They weren’t supposed to be drafting in the top 3. In fact, the NHL’s new lottery rules made Edmonton the first team to drop more than a single place in the draft order. They should have been drafting 4th. Well, technically they did, except Columbus excused themselves from using their top 3 pick to select a top 3 player. Win, Edmonton.

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Reinharting Another Draft Floor Deal

Matt Henderson
June 22 2016 01:30PM

Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it, or so the saying goes. It’s been paraphrased a few different ways, but the ultimate meaning is consistent: We are often placed in situations that have occurred similarly before and if we fail to learn from the mistakes and/or triumphs of those times then the outcomes aren’t going to be any different. As Edmonton approaches the draft this Friday there is a real danger of repeating its very recent past history.

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Matt Henderson
June 18 2016 11:40AM

The drawback to trading Jordan Eberle is that once he’s gone your team doesn’t have Jordan Eberle anymore. Specifically, you don’t have a right-shooting, elite level offensive right winger who can play with the talented young Connor McDavid. He won’t be easy to replace, but neither will any of the $6 million dollar men. Taylor Halls and Ryan Nugent-Hopkins don’t grow on trees either. That said, there isn’t a replacement for them about to enter free agency either.

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Where You Going, Yak?

Matt Henderson
June 12 2016 11:59AM

It seems a foregone conclusion that Nail Yakupov won’t be an Oiler for much longer. It’s really just a couple weeks away now barring a change of heart from both the player and the organization. I’m not holding my breath. Where might he end up? I don’t have insider information, but there are a few places that make sense.

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