Hockey People Who Know

Matt Henderson
May 29 2016 12:37PM

The case for analytics in hockey started on websites not unlike this one. It was largely fan/layman driven, but it was done publicly and every idea proposed was scrutinized. I think part of the hubris of the analytics community comes from the fact that many of their basic principles have been tested over and over. There’s a confidence that comes from testing concepts and having them cut the mustard. Surely there’s also a confidence that comes from spending your entire life in the highest levels of hockey (amateur and professional). That’s why it’s always entertaining when the worlds of analytics and traditional hockey collide.

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How Often Was A Top 4 Defender On The Ice?

Matt Henderson
May 21 2016 04:49PM

When it comes to adding top 4 defenders this summer, most of us have already come to the conclusion that one is not enough. The Oilers are desperately lacking in quality on the blueline and have been for a long time. This isn’t news, but sometimes it’s interesting to look at how that affects what the club can do.

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Getting Excited About Ethan Bear

Matt Henderson
May 15 2016 12:24PM

Ethan Bear’s season has just come to a close. His Seattle Thunderbirds lost in the WHL final to the Brandon Wheat Kings after steamrolling the competition up to that point. No doubt he’s disappointed right now, but the Edmonton Oilers should be excited about the progress Bear made during this campaign.

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Undervaluing The Pick

Matt Henderson
May 13 2016 09:00AM


I’m ready to trade it. I don’t want it. I want it to be a defenseman who can play in the NHL…yesterday. The fourth overall pick in the 2016 draft belongs to Edmonton and I couldn’t make it belong to someone else fast enough. But, am I undervaluing that pick? Have Oiler fans so used to drafting at the top of the order that we now have unrealistically low opinions of the riff raff taken in that second grouping of players?

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To The Front Of The Line

Matt Henderson
May 07 2016 10:09AM

I’m a big fan of the move to sign undrafted free agent Drake Caggiula by the Oilers. Edmonton’s draft record after the first round has been questionable at best. Although there have been a few promising players taken late, the team hasn’t been able to produce depth forwards capable of pushing into the club’s bottom six.

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