Trading Places

Jason Strudwick
February 07 2012 11:11AM



Having just arrived into Vancouver from Edmonton with my team, the New York Islanders, both my room mate, Claude LaPointe and I were just getting settled in. It was a couple days before the trade deadline. The phone rings, we look at each other and because I was the youngest I had to get up to answer it.

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Stay the Course

Jason Strudwick
January 31 2012 10:05PM



When the rumor mill spit out last week that Steve Tambellini was going to get a contract extension it set off a lot of debate. Should he be extended or not? Does he deserve it? Should Tom Renney be extended as well?

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Say What?

Jason Strudwick
January 22 2012 04:32PM

On Friday my team, Ssk, won a big game at home against the second best team in our league. It was a very competitive game. Our opponent, Bofors, is known as tough and dirty. We matched them slash for slash and hit for hit. The game had two fights!

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The dirty work

Jason Strudwick
January 16 2012 09:34AM



It seems like after the game against the Anaheim Ducks, Ben Eager has been a lightening rod for Oilers fans and media alike. They are frustrated with his response to Francois Beauchemin after Beauchemin obliged Sam Gagner with a fight.

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It's a Small World After All

Jason Strudwick
January 12 2012 11:01PM



This past weekend my team was on a two game, three day road trip. A long one by Swedish standards. We had a total of about fourteen hours on the old iron lung.

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