The Road Gets a Little Bumpier

Jason Strudwick
September 23 2013 09:33AM

Saturday night, in a preseason game against the Vancouver Canucks there was a stupid stick swinging incident involving the Canucks Zack Kassian. The result has really put a dent in the Oilers ability to have a strong start to this season.

Sam Gagner was hit by Kassian's stick in the mouth and by all reports he will miss a yet to be determined number of regular season games thanks to a broken jaw. The timing of this is very frustrating for any player.

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Bringing in some new boys

Jason Strudwick
August 16 2013 11:50AM

I love the movie Slap Shot. I don't think a better hockey movie has been or will be made ever again. There are many great scenes but one of my favorites is when the manager Joe McGrath comes into the room looking for the Hanson brothers and asks, "Where are the new boys?"

Classic! As my career got towards the end I loved saying that when young guys would get called up, especially when it was their first NHL game. They were nervous as hell and here was this veteran cracking jokes from Slap Shot! They didn't know what to do.

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What to do with Oscar?

Jason Strudwick
August 15 2013 07:12AM

It is hard to find a person to who doesn't think that that Oscar Klefbom is a very good prospect to play in the NHL. Most seem to think he is the best prospect the Oilers have in their system currently not playing in the NHL. There is no doubt the Oilers have a need for top end defenceman but how soon should they find out if Oscar is the guy to do that?

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Story Time

Jason Strudwick
August 11 2013 12:51PM

All this Gretzky trade talk the last week stirred up the old story machine in my head. Looking at some of the other players involved in the trade I ran across Marty McSorley's name.

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Why the Rush?

Jason Strudwick
August 07 2013 11:57AM

It has been a few years since the Edmonton Oilers have had to select a new captain. Shawn Horcoff was the obvious choice after Ethan Moreau left. He had been here his whole career and was at the right age to assume the captaincy.

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