Brian Sutherby
November 28 2013 09:42AM

On Monday ten former NHL players filed a class action lawsuit against the NHL for concussions they suffered while playing hockey. One more player has since joined. If you haven’t seen it in its entirety, you can check it out here.

I have no idea what the gentleman that played the game in the decades before me went through. I don't know what the medical protocols were for guys concussed or how medically informed they were, way back when.

I don’t even know if the NHL knew. That’s the biggest question in all of this.

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Brian Sutherby
November 17 2013 08:33AM

It's only one win, against a team that isn't very good but it was nice to see some fire and the Oilers offense come to life in the third period. This team needs any positive energy they can get these days and who better to start with than the Flames?

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Brian Sutherby
November 14 2013 05:27PM

With each passing day, frustrated fans continue to find new or old reasons as to why this team is where it is. Everyone is searching for answers, with many targeting the “old boys club” that has become the Edmonton Oilers. I don’t know if this is new but many want to focus on the assistant coaches today and blame them for this team’s demise.

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Brian Sutherby
November 11 2013 03:30PM

After a weekend of sharing the same bed with Wanye in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, I have a lot of catching up to do. Please forgive me for being a couple days behind, I’m still haunted by the awkward leg touches as I’m sure many of you are haunted from the Oilers weekend.  I figure I’ll weigh in with my two cents even if I’m behind.

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Brian Sutherby
November 01 2013 09:39AM

This week's Q & A is ready.  We're talking Perron, Yakupov and the development of young hockey players.

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