January 05 2015 02:58PM

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Yeah you read that right.

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December 29 2014 12:45PM

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It goes without saying that I am a big fan of the Edmonton Oilers. I have every piece of Jordan Eberle gear ever made. I still use the Oilers garbage can I was given as a birthday present when I was 12.  Even in these dark times on the ice I'm still heavily invested in this ice hockey squadron and their continued success.

And for all the problems we see on the ice and in the front office there is a second massive problem on the horizon for the Oilers as 2015 begins. A problem that no one amount of winning – however unlikely THAT is these days – will help.

And that is the very possible scenario of the Edmonton economy falling off a cliff in the coming year.

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Rome Burns: Part III

December 02 2014 03:54PM

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There is no proven model for what type of owner most successfully runs a professional sports team in the long run. There are teams owned by corporations and investor groups. Some are family owned, sometimes on their second or third generation running the team. Then there are owners as individuals who own the team and call all the shots themselves. Sometimes running the team is their primary profession, sometimes it isn’t.

It’s all over the map. There are no clear best practices to follow.

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November 27 2014 02:28PM


There is no question that things are horribly bad right now for the OilersNation.  Some folks are even calling it the worst time in franchise history – which seems insane given that 1) The Gretzky Trade 2) SCF 2006 G7. But when you are going through a thing, having other people tell you that thing isn’t so bad doesn’t help. It makes the thing worse. We are the joke of the league and that makes every self respecting Oilers fan irate.

Before we delve into my little analysis of Oilers ownership and whether Daryl Katz is “Count Chocula evil”, give that video I posted at the top a quick gander if you need a little morale boost. It’s by this Icelandic band I got to watch a few weeks back called FM Belfast.

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November 26 2014 04:14PM

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So I am currently wrist deep in a new startup company and it is going to be offered in many languages and this requires me to be on the road all the time. It's like the least difficult job I have ever had. But though I'm gone, my heart is buried 12 feet under Jasper Ave and 109 street and I read all the articles, watch all the highlights and swear at my Oilers App on the regular. The Copper and Blue are and will be out of sight for the foreseeable future but they are not even close to be out of mind.

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