Everything is fine now

January 14 2009 09:34AM

Erik Cole got a hat trick last night and the Oilers won 5-2 –- contrary to what the scoreboard here on the Nation is telling you this morning. No, you have not stumbled into an alternate universe, this is really what happened.

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GDB 42: The battle rages on

January 13 2009 03:38PM

Look at this picture that we were sent by a reader of the Nation. It's so sweet that merely looking at it gave us a case of Type-II diabetes.

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Real Talk

January 13 2009 10:27AM

So we made a friend awhile back who has the most interesting skill. It seems he knows exactly what's going on in the room right now for the Oil. Stranger still, it seems he is ok with letting some info out to your ol' pal Wanye from time to time.

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As one lame duck leader exits

January 12 2009 11:02AM

Another clings to power with all his might here in Edmonton.

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GDB 41: Sterility 101

January 11 2009 03:00PM

After watching a mind numbing Eagles and Giants game all morning we finally figured out something that has been bothering us about this mind numbingly mediocre season thus far,

It's way too sterile.

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