We were THIS close to laughing our asses off at your demise

November 07 2008 07:51AM

Well it isn't very often that you're down 5-0 and come back to make a game of it now is it, Nation?

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GDB 13: It's on

November 06 2008 10:19AM

Of all the games the Oilers have played so far this year, tonight’s is by far the biggest.

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GDB12: Logo: 1 Wanye: 0

November 05 2008 11:30AM

So as you know, the Oilers play the Blue Jackets tonight in Columbus at 5:30pm MST. What you don’t know is that we have a terrible confession to make.

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Monday morning meow meow

November 03 2008 11:25AM

There’s a game coming up against the Penguins on Nov 6.

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GDB11: Top o' the morning to you

November 02 2008 12:01AM


What are you doing reading this? Seriously. Like WHAT time does this game start?

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