Five fun facts from Monday’s sh*tkicking of the Wild

March 25 2008 09:49AM


  1. Minnesota did not know what hit them during the first three minutes of the first period.

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To you, Gods of Hockey, we pray

March 24 2008 01:57PM


O Gods of Hockey, we salute you.

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Pumping seven into the Avs' net makes goaltending irrelevant

March 22 2008 09:07PM

Those of you who know how we roll at the Nation know that we ghost ride the whip anytime anything good happens round these parts.

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Never has 1pm on a Saturday mattered more to us

March 22 2008 09:42AM

title.jpg (click to enlarge) What are you usually doing at 1pm on a Saturday?

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A history lesson from Professor Wanye

March 20 2008 11:29AM

Anyone here remember February 16, 2008?

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