The NationGear Update You've Been Waiting For

August 31 2015 11:04AM


You've been waiting for this moment. What the hell am I talking about? The moment you've been incessantly emailing me about. You wanted to know when Nation Hats are going to come back and when can you get your grubby little hands on a 16-Bit t-shirt. Well... We've topped up our inventory on some much requested NationGear items, and even added a few others. Today is launch day.

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Monday Mailbag - August 31st

August 31 2015 08:00AM


There's a long weekend on the horizon and you've got a few work days to kill. As always, the Mailbag is here to help you put those long company hours behind you and bring you one step closer to the debauchery that will be your long weekend. The most important part is that you try to look busy, and nothing makes you look busier than reading intently. The Mailbag doesn't work without your questions so if you have something to ask you can email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. 

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August 28 2015 02:00PM

It's Friday and that means that we're turning OilersNation into a poor man's Buzzfeed with our latest countdown of the Top 5 saves in Oilers history as voted by you fine citizens. You will see that some of the saves in the video above are a series of saves as opposed to one single save. That wasn't my call. That's your call. As always, I excuse myself from any and all criticism when it comes to this list and I urge you to file your complaints with Chris the Intern.

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The Summer Workout Contest

August 25 2015 12:00PM


We're only weeks away from a new NHL season and I need to make sure you're all ready. This contest is to make sure you've been preparing yourself for another year of beer drinkin', angry tweetin', and general Oiler related shenanigans. I need to know that you've spent your summer wisely. My friends, I present you with the Summer Workout Contest.

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Monday Mailbag - August 24th

August 24 2015 08:00AM


Another weekend is in the books and that means the search begins for ways to kill company time. As always, the mailbag is here for you. If you have a question you want to ask you can email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. This segment only works with your participation so let me know what's on your mind and our writers will help you learn something. 

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