October 13 2015 10:34AM


Is there anything better than a good scrap in a hockey game? No, I'm not talking about a staged fight between two guys that can barely play. I'm talking about a fight derived from anger and passion. These guys are gladiators and today, thanks to our friends at Violent Gentlemen and their new line "Trust and Tradition," we're here to celebrate that wonderful moment when fist meets face.

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Monday Mailbag - October 12th

October 12 2015 08:00AM


Happy Thanksgiving Monday to everyone that got the day off, and my apologies to those of you who didn't. Unfortunately, while most of us are pounding back Thanksgiving leftovers sans pants you're sitting at work looking for ways to kill time. Allow the Mailbag to dust off a few minutes of company time and get you closer to going home. As always, I need questions for the Mailbag so email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enough of me - let's learn something. 

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GDB 2.0 WRAP UP: Oilers @ Predators

October 10 2015 07:57PM


Two major giveaways sunk the Oilers on what could have been a good night. Final Score: 2-0 Predators

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Hope Will Never Die Product Launch

October 08 2015 07:46AM

Look out world!

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Tonight is the night you've been waiting for since Bill Daly flipped that golden lottery card with the Oilers logo on it. Tonight is the night we get the chance to watch Connor McDavid play his first game for the Edmonton Oilers, and regain the sense of Oilers pride that may have been lost along the way. To say it's been a long wait would be the understatement of the century. We've all been through a lot over these past nine years, but miraculously hope never died.

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October 07 2015 11:50AM

The Edmonton Oilers announced this morning that they will play the 2015-16 season without a captain. Instead, they named four assistant captains to lead the group by committee. Matt Hendricks will wear a fifth "A" while Jordan Eberle is on the shelf with a shoulder injury. 

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