Sport for the North Equipment Drive

May 18 2016 09:00AM

16_05_05-YMM_Fire-980x379-NeedHelp (1)

Unless you've been on a complete news blackout for the past few weeks you already know about the wildfires that have displaced over 80,000 Fort McMurray residents in Northern Alberta. As a result of the fires, there is a substantial need for sporting equipment and our friends at United Cycle and Sport Central are looking to help with an equipment drive.

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Monday Mailbag - No Hamonic? Now what?

May 16 2016 07:00AM


When I had a real job I hated doing anything remotely productive on Mondays mornings. Generally, Miss Milk and yours truly use Sundays as an opportunity to drink various alcohols under the guise of Sunday Funday. I'll admit that the rules for acceptable excuses for daytime binge drinking are a little bit loose at the Castle Milk but that's beside the point. Regardless of what you do with your Sunday there is nothing worse than pretending to be productive at the office on Monday morning, and you have time to kill. As always, the Mailbag is here to help. It's time to learn something.  

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Monday Mailbag - Use or Trade the 4th Overall Pick?

May 09 2016 07:00AM

Mailbag 11

The weekend is over, you're back at work, and you need a way to kill some company time until the Connorversary Party on June 24th at the Pint Downtown. With that, I introduce another edition of the Monday Mailbag. The mailbag only works because of you guys, if you have a question you can email it to me at Enjoy the break from productivity, my friends.

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Oilers Sign College UFA Drake Caggiula

May 06 2016 06:52PM

Reports are circulating all over the Internet that the Edmonton Oilers have (or will be) signed college UFA Drake Caggiula to a two-year entry level contract. 

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The Best Defenseman in the Taylor Hall Era

May 06 2016 09:00AM



One thing that I noticed as the season moved forward was a segment of fans turning against the Oilers' core. A lot of you guys are blaming the core for the lack of success around here, and I'm not going to disagree with you (that's an article for another day), but I did want to show you another side to the story.

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