Five Oilers to Watch This Season

September 09 2016 01:11PM


With the season fast approaching I started thinking about the roster and the players that need to make an impact this season. Here are five Oilers that I'll have my eyes on this year, and why I think they'll have a chance to succeed. As always, I encourage you to argue my list, create your own, and then we can spend the afternoon arguing away company time just as Connor McDavid would want us to do. 

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Monday Mailbag - Strengths and Weaknesses

September 05 2016 07:00AM



It's another long weekend edition of the Mailbag and this week is dedicated to the poor suckers that had to go into work today. This Mailbag goes out every one of you that was roped into to working by the man. This Mailbag is dedicated to everyone that is sitting at their job with absolutely no intention of being at all productive today. I'm here for you, my brothers and sisters. May the clock hands move quickly. 

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

September 01 2016 07:00AM

For the fourth year in a row, the staff at Nation HQ will be closing our laptops and making their way to Churchill Square to Walk a Mile in her shoes. No, we're not walking around Churchill Square in stilettos because it makes us feel pretty (it does), we're circling the square to raise money to help the victims of family violence. It's a great cause, and we're happy to be involved again. Are you man enough to join us?

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Win Tickets to the Edmonton Premiere of Ice Guardians

August 30 2016 09:00AM

If you haven't heard about the documentary called "Ice Guardians" I encourage you to take a minute and watch the trailer above. Ice Guardians, produced by local filmmaker Adam Scorgie, is a documentary that takes us into the lives of a few hockey players that performed, arguably, the toughest job in the NHL. In this article we're going to talk about the film, and also give you an opportunity to win tickets to the Edmonton premiere.

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Monday Mailbag - Ranking the Pacific Division

August 29 2016 07:00AM



It's time to tilt your chair back to a comfortable position, because we've got 3000 words worth of company time wasting wisdom coming at you in this week's mailbag. As always, I need your questions to make this work. If you've got one, email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk and I'll get to you as soon as we can. Fine citizens, I present you with another mailbag. Enjoy!

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