Monday Mailbag - September 21st

September 21 2015 08:00AM


Your weekend is over, you’re back to work, and looking (read: needing) for ways to kill company time. Enter your old friend - the mailbag.  It's the time where we can sit down together as a Nation and learn something. As always, I’ve taken your questions, passed them to our panel of geniuses, and waited for wisdoms to spill out of their brain boxes.  If you want to be included in the mailbag, email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. Enjoy.

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The Working Citizen's Contest Finalists

September 15 2015 01:56PM


Over the past week I've been collecting pictures of hard hats, photoshops of our beloved intern, and waiting for the moment when I could unveil them all. Today is the day when we crown a new champion. Today is the day when we start to learn which of the following heroes will win a brand new OilersNation hard hat courtesy of Jobsite Workwear. Ladies and gentlemen, these are your Working Citizen's Contest finalists. 

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Monday Mailbag - September 14th

September 14 2015 08:00AM


Can you believe it's finally the week of the Golden Bears and Oilers rookie game? Seriously! Go check your calendars to make sure I'm not dreaming - I'll wait here. Okay good. The problem with feeling all this excitement is that we have to wait all the way until Wednesday for Connor McDavid and the other rookies to suit up against the Bears at Rexall Place. Luckily the mailbag is here to help you kill a little bit of that time. If you'd like to have a question featured you can email it to me at or DM me on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk.

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Walk a Mile in Her Shoes

September 10 2015 12:30PM


Look at the picture above. Look at the collection of heroes that we put together. Look at how mantastic these fellas look in their high heels. No, we're not walking around in three inch stilettos because it makes us feel pretty (even though it does), we're taking a walk to raise money to help the victims of family violence. It's a great cause, a great time, and we're happy to be involved again. Only one question remains: are you man enough to join us?

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The Working Citizen's Contest

September 08 2015 03:58PM


This is a contest for the working man and woman. This is a contest for the people that get things done with their hands. The people that make the Nation tick. 

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