Kelty Auction #6 - Gordie Howe, Sid Abel, and Ted Lindsay Signed Pucks ***UPDATED***

July 04 2014 09:42AM


You guys really are amazing. To this point, we've raised over $3000 for our friend Kelty and we can't thank you guys enough. The money we're raising is going to help her with all the physiotherapy that she's going to need after her surgery and your help is going to go a long way. If you don't have the cash to bid, we understand, but if you can help us spread the word that's doing more than enough to help. Today's item is another great one, we've got a Gordie Howe, Sid Abel, and Ted Lindsay signed pucks with picture and frame. Check it out.

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Kelty Auction #5 - Signed Eberle Jersey ***UPDATED***

July 03 2014 10:38AM


Our auction for Kelty is winding down and we want to end it off with some really great items. Today's item, I almost can't believe I'm putting it up. Our very own Wanye donated a signed Jordan Eberle jersey that we were almost sure he was going to be buried in. At this point, we've raised over $2000 for Kelty and the money we're sending is going to help her out with the physiotherapy she'll need after her surgery. Let's get right to it.

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3 Thoughts - Free Agency, Hockey Insiders, & Grabbing Ass

July 02 2014 02:30PM

I'm a thinker

When I'm not busy putting my feet up and pretending to be busy, I'm a deep thinker. I always have something rolling around in my brain. Usually these things have to do with the female anatomy and jelly beans, but once per week I bang my head against the desk and see what falls out. This week I offer my wisdoms on Oilers free agency, rumours, and Claude Giroux.

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Kelty Auction #4 - Development Camp with NHLers ***UPDATED***

July 02 2014 11:19AM


Today is the 4th auction in our drive to raise as much money for Kelty as possible. At this point, we've raised $1950 that will be going directly to Kelty's family to help with the cost of her surgery. We've still got some great items to go, so keep checking with us to see what's happening. If you don't have the cash to bid on the auction, we don't blame you, but you can still help us by sharing and spreading the word. Today's item is a spot in Brian Sutherby's hockey development camp. If you've got a little hockey player in your family that would love to spend some time with some NHLers, this is for them. Thanks, Nation.

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Free Agency Live Blog ***UPDATED***

July 01 2014 10:00AM


Is there anything better than Canada Day and free agency falling on the same day? For some reason, the NHL wanted to keep the two days separate (like spending time with family is important... pfft) but I think it's a great way to spend the day.  Join me as I live blog the free agency spectacle from an Oiler standpoint. We'll take a look at rumours going around Twitter, the guys we sign, and the guys we missed out on. Happy Canada Day, Nation!

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