Monday Mailbag - July 7th

July 07 2014 02:55PM


Mailbag Monday. Mailbag Monday. Mailbag Monday YEAH! To submit a question, email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk


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Kelty Auction #9 & #10 - Summer Refreshments

July 06 2014 10:10AM


It's the final day of auctions and we've got some items today that are perfect for the summer. Our friends at Kegs and More Liquor have donated a couple of summer refreshments that will be great for whatever you've got happening this summer. What am I talking about? Today we've got a 30L keg of Sleemans and a tequila gift basket from Sauza tequila. These items are for Edmonton only, because you'll be picking them up from Kegs and More directly. As always, I thank you guys for your time and your donations.

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Kelty Auction #7 & #8 - Tickets and a Hotel Stay

July 05 2014 09:10AM


Happy Saturday everyone! Today we're going to start ramping up the auctions to 2 per day, and they're both in the same article. At this point, we've raised nearly $4000 for Kelty's physio and we're sure that today's items will be able to get to that mark. Today I will have both auction items in the same thread, and each will have their own submission form so make sure you keep your eye out for what you're bidding on. Today's items? We've got 2 tickets to the Oilers vs Capitals on October 22nd, and the second item is a night at the Hilton Garden Inn. Check it out


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Kelty Auction #6 - Gordie Howe, Sid Abel, and Ted Lindsay Signed Pucks ***UPDATED***

July 04 2014 09:42AM


You guys really are amazing. To this point, we've raised over $3000 for our friend Kelty and we can't thank you guys enough. The money we're raising is going to help her with all the physiotherapy that she's going to need after her surgery and your help is going to go a long way. If you don't have the cash to bid, we understand, but if you can help us spread the word that's doing more than enough to help. Today's item is another great one, we've got a Gordie Howe, Sid Abel, and Ted Lindsay signed pucks with picture and frame. Check it out.

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Kelty Auction #5 - Signed Eberle Jersey ***UPDATED***

July 03 2014 10:38AM


Our auction for Kelty is winding down and we want to end it off with some really great items. Today's item, I almost can't believe I'm putting it up. Our very own Wanye donated a signed Jordan Eberle jersey that we were almost sure he was going to be buried in. At this point, we've raised over $2000 for Kelty and the money we're sending is going to help her out with the physiotherapy she'll need after her surgery. Let's get right to it.

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