The NationDrafts Playoff Winners

June 16 2016 07:00AM

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My friends, I am here, today, to bestow the Nation's praise onto a fine group of fantasy hockey heroes. This group of fantasy heroes opened up their wallets for a chance at glory and prizes, and today is the day where we announce the winners of the NationDrafts playoff pool!

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Sitting Down with Ryder from Hot 107

June 15 2016 07:00AM


You've seen him on billboards and you've invited his sweet siren song into your ear holes, and today you will learn about the time that I had a sit down with Ryder from Hot 107. Here's part of our conversation. 

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Monday Mailbag - Raising the Draft Age?

June 13 2016 07:00AM


My friends, it's Mailbag time again. That means that you've submitted your questions and our panel of geniuses wizards wonder men writers have given a chunk of free wisdom that you'll be able to carry with you for the rest of your lives. I need questions for next week so please send any question you may have to me through email or on Twitter. For now, it's time to learn something. 

Tickets to the Connorversary are still available, with all proceeds going to the Red Cross in support of Fort McMurray.

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The 2nd Annual Nation Awards: The Nominees

June 09 2016 02:08PM

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Last year, we started a new tradition around these parts. Since no one will let us vote for the actual NHL Awards (thanks PWHA) we decided to take matters into our hands and created an award show for the ages, and I need your help. We need nominees for our award categories, and that's where you come in. 

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WWYDW: Lucic or Okposo?

June 08 2016 05:00PM


My friends, it's once again time to put yourself in Peter Chiarelli's spot and make decisions for the Edmonton Oilers based on what you think would be best for the team. This week, we're diving into fantasy land to determine whether you would choose to sign Milan Lucic or Kyle Okposo if you were handed the keys to the Oilers' panel van. Left or right wing - who will you decide?

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