Monday Mailbag - September 8th + the Photoshop Winner

September 08 2014 11:34AM


It's Monday, once again, and we're here with another edition of the mailbag.  Each week, I take your questions (email me at and send them out to our writers for their opinion.  As always, I got a bunch of great questions, but I need questions for next week. If there's something you want to know email me your question, and I'll do my best to get it posted ASAP. With that, here is this week's mailbag. Enjoy!

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Photoshop Contest - The Finalists

September 03 2014 04:52PM


This afternoon, Wanye and I locked ourselves in the war room at Nation HQ and went through over 50 photoshop entries to come up with the finalists.  The sad part about it all is that we were only able to choose 6 finalists. So many of you had great entries that Wanye and I almost blew up in fisticuffs over who would make the final six.  After many laughs and heated debates, here are your finalists.

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Monday Mailbag - September 1st

September 01 2014 06:54PM


Whether you're reading this tonight, or you waited to read it on company time I welcome you to another edition of Mailbag Monday.  This feature is all about you guys, if you have a question you'd like ask just email it to me at Sit back, relax, and learn something.  Enjoy!

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Justin Schultz Signs a 1-Year Deal

August 29 2014 11:24AM


This morning, the Oilers announced that they have signed Justin Schultz to a 1-year deal worth $3.675 million.  The contract comes in higher than many of us expected, but it looks like the Oilers paid a higher price for a shorter term. Judging from the reaction on Twitter, the Nation is divided on the new deal.

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Photoshop Contest - Oil Changed

August 26 2014 10:17AM


Has it actually been 3 months since we've had a photoshop contest? Well then that is something we shall have to remedy, isn't it?  As such, I've dug around in Wanye's desk, raided the Nation warehouse, begged a few sponsors, gathered some goodies, and we're all set to go.  With the prizes set, and an idea in mind, the rest will be up to you. Ladies and gentlemen, it's photoshop contest time.

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