August 07 2015 02:00PM


Over the past week I've been collecting entries for the August Meme Contest. As always, Nation citizens are hilarious and always step up to the plate in terms of creativity and general awesomeness. The meme contest was no different. 

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August 06 2015 03:32PM


I wanted to give you guys a quick update on the summer sale, hats, and a few things NationGear. Long story short... If you were ever thinking of picking up a new outfit for date night this is the time to do it.

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The All-Time Oilers Roster

August 05 2015 11:58AM

Over the past week I locked the Nation writers in a room to battle and argue over who would make the all time Oilers roster. What is an all time roster? We're talking about the absolute best 23 players that the Oilers have to provide. We argued. We slapped. We struggled to find the wifi password. Finally, after days of debate we put our votes to paper and came up with a list of the best Oilers team imaginable. Will you agree? Probably not. Neither did we.

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It's a Meme Contest

August 04 2015 01:00PM


When Oilers news is slow the contests are plentiful and the swag shall flow like the North Saskatchewan. I always dig the photoshop contests but we just had one and I'd like to get more of you involved. That's why it's time to meme again. What's a meme? Look up. The fine mademoiselle explains it nicely. Remember that old lady as you turn on the creative juices. I love meme contests because basically anyone can enter them - just find a meme generator and away you go. The possibilities are endless!

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Monday Mailbag - August 3rd

August 03 2015 08:00AM


Is it really August already? At least that means we're getting closer by the day to seeing our sweet Connor dawn an Oilers uni in real games. Until then you will have to settle for the mailbag. As always, I need your questions to make this segment work. If you have a question you'd like to ask you can email me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk. For now it's time to grab a coffee and learn something. Enjoy.

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