Monday Mailbag - July 28th ***UPDATED***

July 28 2014 08:41AM


Let's be honest here for a minute... you're at work and you're not doing anything work related. I, for one, salute you slackers and encourage you to do so. With that, here is another rendition of the Monday mailbag. I need questions for next week so if you've got one email me at


***update*** I just added in Suds' answers. Being in Asia with the time difference makes things interesting

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Monday Mailbag - July 21st

July 21 2014 09:12AM


As far as I'm concerned, you've done enough work today - you deserve a break. If your boss asks, you can tell them that reading the mailbag is important research that will positively impact the company you work for in the future.  If you want to submit a question, you can email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter @jsbmbaggedmilk.


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The Nation & Ronald McDonald House Join Forces

July 18 2014 12:53PM


In the summer, hockey talk can be slow around these parts.  Since we have more time on our hands, we wanted to find a way to get more involved with the city we live in.  Today marks another step in the Nation's commitment to giving back to our community. Today we announce a partnership between the Ronald McDonald House of Northern Alberta and OilersNation. 

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Monday Mailbag - July 14th

July 14 2014 10:55AM


It's time to grab coffee, learn a few things, and do whatever it takes to avoid doing work on a Monday.  I need questions for next week, so if you want to ask a question you can email it to me at or hit me up on Twitter at @jsbmbaggedmilk.  If you want them, I'll send everyone that sends in a question a sticker package from Nation HQ.  Thanks in advance!


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Arena Updates - July Edition

July 12 2014 01:12PM


It's been a while since I've gone down to the new arena site and brought you guys some A-grade reporting from ground level.  Since the last time I've been down there, a lot of the machinery has changed and it looks like there's actually a building being built there. The traffic is delayed, the sidewalks are closed, and once again I wasn't allowed in anywhere that looked even remotely important - this is your arena report.

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